State of the game from a community perspective

I picked up Battleborn at launch but never had the community to get into it. I have recently started playing again and want to know what the current community feels about the game. I am very low level and am still learning the game but I love GBX and feel like I missed out because I am not high enough experience and skill to play with those currently on yet…there aren’t enough new players to pair up with i feel. Just want to know how the more experienced players feel. Glad to have another player or kinda just wish noobs like me would go away?


come, play, stay.

That’s what I feel about noobs/newbies. Sadly I don’t like you guys in our queue. Not because we hate you, but because it’s unfun for us and frustrating for the newbies.

A group of 5 newbies going up against a team of Max CR 5-man premades is no bueno.

Again, by all means play. Enjoy the pve, practice in the practice and bot battles modes, then after a couple dozen hours jump into a PvP queue and hopefully get a lucky roll against players around your skill level.

Most likely you’re gonna end up against veterans that may/may not be considerate and may/may not make the experience pleasant for you.

The community is nice though for the majority.

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I have been kind of spreading myself around (like the contents of a pb&j sandwich. So far I really like the game and regret not playing it earlier.


I’m always glad to have new players. I don’t PvP a lot and I’m on a break from the game at the moment but it’s good to see/hear new people pick up the game.

The only thing from my perspective that frustrates me as a more experienced player (and it’s something I see across all game modes) is new players not following their team’s lead and not playing the objectives.

But hey, you’ll learn those over time! :slight_smile: There are just some crazy things I’ve seen newbies do that make no common sense and hurt the team (like wasting all the team’s lives by not waiting for a revive in PvE or not helping push in Incursion, etc.).


If and when I’m rolling story, I, by autopilot now, instamessage any sub-lvl 10’s with advice such as at /in The Sentinel: “Please, don’t jump down immediately. Try clearing from above first.”

Sometimes it works (gets read), a lot of the time not … but I continue to do it. Takes such little effort, might result in so much.

What never ceases to amaze me, thou, is that 99 times out of 100, it’s the lowest lvl’s qing for Advanced Mode … with predictable endings.

In particular if the advice messages are ignored.