Static group to play, available 5-10 EST weekdays

would like a group that levels together so everyone stays the same level throughout, can start either game, wanna do all DLCs (2 has a lot of fun ones, pre sequel growing and havent tried claptraps yet). I prefer people with the same availability all the time so we can play consistently and continue through doing basically all of the stuff the game has to offer. lemme know if your interested and ill try to find a group of 4 for us thanks

psn = shielsyy35

Hey, I would totally be down for this, I can restart the game again :smile: Those are also good hours for me unless I have to work.

When do you work ? I work like 7-4 most days and about an hour home so yeah haha. Only times I start later are gym days

Sounds like fun. Timing works just fine for me- ill send a pm

Yeah feel free to add me my psn is MEA7277 and I am on the same time you are.