Stating the obvious once again

The whole anointments thing is very very anointing (see what I did there?). If I haven’t bought the dlc then I don’t want to be getting anointments for it. And for the love of god, why, just whyyyy do I get other character’s anointments when I’m playing with Moze? Just freaking whyyy. Also, anointments about elementa on non elemental weapons really? Is this a joke? I refuse to believe, that it takes that many lines of code, to avoid that mistake.
Also, O get that some people, may want to farm items for their other characters. But can we not choose to do that? Like, choose whether i want my anointmenta to be about a specific class, or no class at all bc most of the times I want a non class anointment. Is that too much to ask for a game that costs (at least when I got it) more than 100€ for the complete edition? Is it?
However, to be fair, I have to say that the game is good, and they have made progress from the days of bl2 when you would hardly find a legendary every 20 levels. Also, the gameplay is fun, driving a wheel motorcycle is fun, sliding is fun, murdering is fun, the dlcs are fun, and I even enjoy farming but to a point. If I want a specific weapon with specific anointment, I should be able to get it after some time. Another idea, tho some may find it too ‘nooby’. Make it so we can change the anointment we have, to one anointment of our own choice cost eridium, even if it is a crazy high amound like 10000. Bc I am sure many people, myself included, are very dissapointed when after hours of farming, we don’t get the goddamn weapon as we want it. Borderlands 3 has so many weapons with so many variations, and adding the, what is it, 44? anointments into that equation just makes it a depressing and infuriating thing to farm, while knowing in the back of your mind, that you may never ever ever get what you are looking for. And even if this is a whole idea to make us spend more time in the game, make it so we can at least get the anointment we want. We farm to get the weapon we want, as we want it. Make us farm some eridium so we can choose an anointment we want, and we spend time playing the game without having the thought of “will I ever get it?” in the back of our minds.
We get to be 100% sure we’ll get what we want eventually, and you get us playing the game. Win win right? Right? C’mon make the patch. Make it we all want it.


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