Statistics on current player base (and trends)?

I only know of the Steam Charts.

Does anyone know what other reliable sources exist to account for the remainder of the current player base or is that information not open to the general public? If there are other sources, do they provide trending information similar to Steam’s?

I tried Googling around but could not quite make sense of what I was looking at (and therefore trust that it was apples to apples). I only ask this out of curiosity. A lot of thread discussions include suppositions regarding current number of players and whether those numbers have increased or decreased recently. The only reference I have seen regarding a source for actual numbers was to steam, so I was wondering if there were any others that people have come across and/or use.

None that I know of. Which is a shame, because the Steam release for BL3 was right before DLC 2, so the way the player stats look on Steam is completely different to everywhere else since it’s just been going downward since release (which is normal for every game, but we have no clue what the effect of M2.0 was on Steam players and how much was just the usual shedding of players).

EDIT: You probably came across this already


Yes, that was one of the sources that I could not quite decipher. Any idea of what the numbers are supposed to represent?

No idea, numbers make my head hurt. :sweat_smile:


The big orange line is total number of people who’ve played the game (or at least enough of it to have unlocked the first trophy). Since that’s cumulative over the lifetime of the game, that doesn’t tell you much about the current active player base though.

I think the 100k new players and 250k returning players for 18 Sep - 18 Oct gives a better picture of current active players. That would make a total of 350k for that period?


As an Xbox player I can’t say anything about statistics, so you may wish to ignore my comment but I can tell you of my own experience, which I have seen echoed on the web dozens of times. I have about 20 friends who play Borderlands 3. Half of them “left” before the first content even dropped (can’t remember if this was BH or MTD), from the remaining ten 7 left after the catastrophe that was Mayhem 2.0. From the remaining 3 players 2 just come back for the level increases, they haven’t even played any of the DLC or only a single. Lastly, the 1 player that is still playing Borderlands 3 every day, doesn’t even seem to have much games (judging by their game library) so they play Bl3 almost exclusivly as their only game…

Keep in mind that almost all of these 20 people are Borderlands veterans that played Bl2, the 1 remaster and such right till before Bl3 launch and now seem to, like me, have lost pretty much complete interest in the series as a whole or have quickly returned to Bl2.

And one last thing because I can compare the playtime on the Xbox statistic page (friends) atleast 5 people of these “BL veterans” haven’t even played more than 20h, so they probably didn’t even bothered to complete the game even a single time!


Wow, those are some pretty big numbers. The XBOX numbers, if I understand them correctly, are 560,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users, I believe) for BL3 with +46,000 over the last month.

So, I guess based on this one source the active user base for PS4 is roughly 350K plus the active user base for XBOX of 560K = roughly 910,000 active users over the last month (I am not going to bother with the steam numbers here). Do these numbers seem realistic? Is there any way to cross-check them somewhere?

Yeah, I am a Steam player myself. I have similar feelings towards the game at present (big BL2 fan and had fun with original and TPS) and I have been scanning the threads to see what others thought, coming across posts similar to your response (thanks, BTW).

Although it feels good to have my opinions validated, lately I have been concerned that I had inadvertently created an echo-chamber for myself in my selection of threads. So I started looking around for some statistics to see how many people are actually playing and what the trends look like at a high level, just to get some perspective. In other words, are people really leaving in droves or just the ones whose enjoyment value of the game is similar to mine and are willing to spend time on forums discussing/venting?


Yeah I doubt we’d ever get the numbers we really need to determine how many people are playing. There’s really no motivation for gearbox to do that. And you’re 100% right that these places can become an echo chamber and not representative of the general population. The most glaring example of this I’ve witnessed recently is on r/cfb. In every single thread people are constantly talking about wearing masks and how they can’t believe people would willingly not wear them. Well I live in the rural southeast and no one here gives two ■■■■■ about wearing masks. They just wanna watch some football. You almost wouldn’t even know there’s a quarantine unless you watched the news

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Yeah same situation with me. Had 5 of us get BL3 on Xbox at launch and I’m the only one that made it to the bloody harvest, and I left shortly after that. After I spent two days getting a hex grenade and then they nerfed it into the ground I was out. That isn’t the main reason I left but it was the straw that broke the camels back

I concur, love the game, finished the game, leveled up, but now what to do? Even farming is boring because the load times are horrible and there don’t seem to be very many loot runs to tie together, just save/quit.

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Sure, and quite lots of them

  1. New players and the lower-bound estimate for returning players on PlayStation -
  2. New players and monthly active players on Xbox - Currently
  3. Daily peak concurrent players on Xbox over the last 5 months -
  4. If Borderlands 3 currently has >10K estimated concurrent players, then it shows up on with hourly concurrent players over the last 120 hours.
  5. Total playtime chart on PlayStation, based on a decent sample of 14K players. It’s probably skewed towards most active English-speaking players, so treat with a grain of salt - Borderlands 3 is 41st most played game on PlayStation in October.
  6. Daily playtime on PlayStation - (Click/tap on “Hours Played Total” to remove it from the chart. Huge note: it’s not adjusted (yet) to the number of players in their sample, so daily playtime can grow not because more people play Borderlands 3, but simply because more players join ps-timetracker. (But when it decreases - it surely does.) I think the last month should be pretty safe to use.

Wow! Awesome, thanks. I am trying to gather apples to apples statistics and I like what the Steam Charts currently provides in terms of average concurrent players over time. Does Gamestat have that capability? I found BL3 under the XBOX link you provided (again thanks) and by clicking on Borderlands 3 it looks like there is a trend chart since June, but I am having trouble with finding something similar for PS4 (at least in terms of trending concurrent users/players over time).

In any event, it looks like we have the following recent numbers for comparison:

Steam - 6,602 concurrent players over the last 30 days
XBOX - ~13k last month average peak concurrent users
PS4 - 321 players for September

Does this seem correct or am I misinterpreting the reports?

PS4 - 321 players have played Borderlands 3 in October out of ≈14,200 players who joined ps-timetracker.

It allows us to have a glimpse on trends (is Borderlands 3 higher/lower than it was last month? Is it higher/lower than other games?), average daily playtime (is it increasing/decreasing? When people play most?), and playing patterns (lots of players with short sessions or few players with long sessions?)

But we can’t derive the number of concurrent players from here.

The other challenge being - the game was initially epic exclusive on PC, many players probably bought on that platform, it could also be assumed that most have not repurchased on steam and some could (I know I still play occasionally and never rebought it on steam) still be playing there. No way to have insight into those numbers I know of.

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You can, somewhat (otherwise Nielsen would be out of business) - by extrapolating from your install base to overall # of PS4s out there. Granted, it’s not going to be perfect, since you probably don’t know how unbiased your sample is, but it is still worth doing, IMHO.

I seem to remember Randy stating in a video that BL3 currently has around 60% (if I remember right) more players than BL2 did at this point in it’s lifespan.
Given that BL3 sold more copies in a month than BL2 did in a year, or something, only being 60% up shows just how many people have left. I did try to find exact numbers after hearing that, but couldn’t see anything more than sales figures, so I’d be interested in knowing just how few are still playing regularly.