Stats API Available?

Is there an available exposed api to gather stats of players and heroes?

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Yep this would be a great resource, would boost the community content a lot.

We don’t have a public API at the moment, but I did create a ticket for our Shift team to consider down the road.

The api for dota 2 has helped develop a strong community and as a fan of battleborn think exposing would help go a long way in terms of developing strats and adding to the longevity of the game. I know its pre release but as a numbers person, I always look for this sort of stuff.



any news about the api ?

It would be good to also see progression and inventory data if this ever came to pass, as well as being able to pull item definitions and such without having to data mine for it :confused: Destiny has some fantastic APIs, it would be really great to see Gearbox titles with this kind of support as it would allow players with coding experience to give back to the community through third party apps.