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i have uploaded one screen shot of borderlands 2 and one of borderlands 3 there was a clear tracker on xbox that would up the competition shots fired, kills, items found, legendary items found and how many challanges you had completed made playing the game when i had nobody to play with that much more fun trying to always be number 1 most bullets fired going into the millions 10s of millions and hundereds of millions i want to be able to compare with my friends and rub it in there face when they see my 22 days playing moze with 100 million shots fired please gearbox im not sure if it would be hard or easy its seems like something simple to add but for thousands of your fans it would mean the world borderlands is non competative and i love that but i still want to see everything i have done steps taken distance sliding times jumping

i hope this message reaches the people and you agree with me we need a stat tracker thank you so much for taking the time to even read this it means the world any further comments would be greatly appreciated

Do their reactions of utter indifference make it all worth while?


when im in competition with like 80 or 90 friends yeah it really matters

  • Their should be a stat tracker we can see to compare with friends (Kills , Bullets Fired , Boss’s Killed ETC)
  • Their Should Not Be a Stat Tracker (Comment why)

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Couldn’t this have been added to the existing topic?

I don’t necessarily think there shouldn’t be a stat tracker, but I do think there are numerous things of greater importance for them to spend resources on.


This exactly.

Not really needed, well ok if you must then it only needs to track the biggest factor in all the little numbers.

Time played.

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dude , this isnt a competitive game . this is a game for u to have fun , casually, absolute stress free while hear another story from marcus

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yea but it dont have to be competative just want a stat tracker

u actually have 100 mil shots fired?