Stats Tracker for borderlands 3

i have uploaded one screen shot of borderlands 2 and one of borderlands 3 there was a clear tracker on xbox that would up the competition shots fired, kills, items found, legendary items found and how many challanges you had completed made playing the game when i had nobody to play with that much more fun trying to always be number 1 most bullets fired going into the millions 10s of millions and hundereds of millions i want to be able to compare with my friends and rub it in there face when they see my 22 days playing moze with 100 million shots fired please gearbox im not sure if it would be hard or easy its seems like something simple to add but for thousands of your fans it would mean the world borderlands is non competative and i love that but i still want to see everything i have done steps taken distance sliding times jumping

i hope this message reaches the people and you agree with me we need a stat tracker thank you so much for taking the time to even read this it means the world any further comments would be greatly appreciated


Agreed, was looking as well but none.

Stats is good fun.

I’ll have to check my legendaries found stat because I joined a hacked lobby (not sure how they managed it, could be character related) so my legendaries found was a lot more than my actual kills. I’ll find out later when I turn my Xbox on.

please everyone share this and lets get more people talking about it after a while they may actualy see this topic and give us a stat tracker hope you all agree with me

just to add clarity the images are taken from the xbox achivements and xbox had it set up so playing borderlands 2 it tracked your in game shots and other things you see above and the 2nd image is for borderlands 3 not even one fun tracker weather this is because xbox are getting lazy because it seems almost no new games have trackers

the point i want to make is like the first photo i would like for gearbox to make us something either basic with kills shots ledg found or something complex like (certain types of enemys killed) tracker extended to every type of enemy (certain weapons fired) so bullets fired over all or jsut bullets fired by specifics

i would love a tracker that can be used to see friends and compare please share this topic lets get all the eyes we can on this maybe its not a major priority but it is something that i know almost everyone will want