Status effect indicators

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had indicators for status effects like in the Borderlands games (you know, like Gaige’s anarchy or Athena’s maelstorm). I often use gears that have stacking effect and for the most part i don’t know how much I’ve stacked up or the rate at which they fall off. I believe there are some helix choices for certain Battleborns with stacking effect too… It would be very informative to have real time indicators in game to see how the stacking effect of gears and helix choices work…


Yes… +1

This would definitely be a nice thing to have.
I want them to take care of some of the more pressing items on their list first…but would be thrilled to see this implemented sometime in the next year.

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Agree! Would love a toggle to show a ghost version of gear w/ activation or stacks and see it light up when its active.

im pretty amazed this isn’t something they thought of considering those things are available on ALL other GB games. I know my ass is being slowed because I’m running effing slow…how much longer will I be running slow…

More visible indicators would be nice. Currently I think we just have a small indicator for those speed and cooldown pickups, The overshield indicator with the shield bar, and a slight glow around the screen edge for heal over time effects and some other minor boost effects such as Toby’s DR helix with no boost charges.

A lot of these effects cause graphics around the edge of your screen. Toby’s panic mode, Whiskey’s combat rhythm, Reyna’s mark thing, etc.

I agree that more precise indicators would be helpful.

This would be great for characters like El Dragòn who have stacks. Also, possibly a status effect icon for poison with a time remaining.