'Stealing' Kills in PvP: Thoughts?

During my stint in the Beta I had just gotten done with a long binge of PvP matches and was moving to close out the game and shut down my XB1 when I noticed that I had a message. Odd, no one ever messages me. So I popped it open and it said “didnt mean to steal that last kill, gg though”. Had the sender stolen one of my kills in ‘Meltdown’? I honestly didn’t remember or really cared, so I messaged back a quick “alls good :)” and left it at that.

When it comes to PvP or matches where a team is fighting a sole objective does it really matter who kills who as long as victory is achieved. If it was a game mode like “First to 50 Kills” or 'Kill Confirmed" I could understand a stigma to those who snipe or ‘steal’ a kill. I’m of the belief that ‘stealing’ a kill doesn’t really matter, as long as the objective is pushed and we are all striving to win proactively, but I’m more of a recreational and casual gamer and have not spent too much time in a competitive FPS environment.

What are your thoughts when someone snags a kill from you? Are you angered or do you not really care? And why?

(Edit: related question, when it comes to ‘Kill Stack’ abilities/skills/gear this also pertains to minion deaths as well?)


You have the correct mind set for objective play.


My position on this depends on the following effect:

An ability or gear grants some bonus on a kill; Do I receive the bonus when someone snags my kill?

If yes, then I couldn’t care less about who gets the killing blow.

I still don’t know and will have to test it in the live game.

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I did not think of the kill stacking for skills or abilities (Whiskey Foxtrot and El Dragon, but those count for minions as well I believe). Thanks for mentioning it.

The only issue I see with “Kill Stealing” in BattleBorn is how the overall score is calculated.

I’m not sure there is a breakdown of this anywhere, I haven’t been able to find anything.

During playing the Beta and the CTT I would notice on the score board post game more often than not, the person with the highest score per team was the one with the most player kills. I would often have more shards collected, items built/destroyed, healing/damage done, minions killed etc etc, and I would have a much lower score than the person who killed 6 minions but had 20 player kills.

I would like to see a breakdown of how those scores are calculated and see if they have a bearing on, command/character rank XP. Because It seemed to me it was more beneficial, in terms of score, to just kill players and not play to the objectives.

‘Stealing’ kills is very much a CoD mentality (apologies to CoD fans who aren’t like this, though some are) where kill streaks and kill/death ratio are important.

To me, Battleborn is a team game where in the 2 game modes we’ve played, it’s about getting the most team points by guiding minions to the objective. Number of kills has no bearing on this at all. Yes, it’s nice to get a kill streak (5 and 10 in a row ‘notifications’ you get in-game) but really they aren’t important (and to some extent I wish they hadn’t put them in just in case the kill streak mentality is sparked in some people). As for kill/death ratio, this isn’t shown anywhere, you have to calculate it for yourself from the stats screen.

Those are just stats though, it doesn’t have a major effect on whether or not a team wins. I’ve seen people on the opposite team with higher kills than anyone else in the game but their side lost.

I really hope that the majority of people play Battleborn as a competitive team game and just enjoy the fun rather than worry about number of kills etc.

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That is my thoughts exactly. I’m hoping player kills don’t have a higher positive effect on your overall score/Xp gain than actually playing to the objectives, because that could cause problems for the objective players.

I know that there are specific gear that award a bonus for “killing a player or major enemy”.

Eh, my thought on it pretty much falls in line with did they need the kill? Overall it doesnt matter yet… but competitively eventually just like any other moba it will start to matter a bit. Kills need to be distributed to those that need it for leveling purposes for the betterment of the team overall. Im sure some characters need it more or less depending on their role in the game, in my opinion I WANT my damage dealers to get a crap ton of kills so that can go mop up and assassinate squishy characters while my back line lays down damage. Of course its all dependent on the flow of the game.

TL:DR- No I dont get angry but some kills are more useful in other places if you really want to win or get objectives.


Exactly that. This is a team-oriented game with low TTK, assists are more important than kills IMO, it’s best to gang up on sturdier enemies and who gets the final kill is irrelevant so long as the team gets the job done.

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2 points for a kill, 1 for an assist.
Basically, in a team-oriented objective-based game, this score is irrelevant. The scoreboard should reflect team play (Minions and buildables in particular) over individual performances. I hope and believe that this will change.

There are some characters that get bonuses when they kill enemy battleborn.
I would try my best to NOT steal a Chomp-kill from a friendly Kelvin.


This is an excellent point it did not think of: setting up kills for players who need the experience to level up. It make huge sense to be playing a Miko and set up a kill for a lower level Orendi or Oscar Mike to take so that they can get the experience/level/Helix mutation.


Exactly. Of course it all depends on your team comp and how the game is going but if you’ve got a REALLY strong Marquis in the back but your assassins are too weak to finish the job or vice versa it you might lose. From an objective stand point, if your Rath has literally all the kills with little or no assists or kills on lets say your Orendi or Benedict you wont have the wave clear you need to even push up the minions (personally I think minions are a bit too strong right now but thats another story)

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Fair point and something to think about in future, share and rotate kills where possible, nice strategy.

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As long as the target is dead, I don’t care. I can’t stand it when a player gets away from me with 200 health.

But yeah, this is an objective based game, kills are good for your team but they don’t really matter.


Kelvin suffers greatly from this. Also WF, El Dragon, Mellka and Attikus.

As Kelvin, you shouldn’t be depending on player kills to build stacks, IMO. You are much better off building stacks from minions and such, aren’t you?

yep MUCH better of because if your not a master then you wont be able to know WHEN to bite and some1 doesnt kill it before you can do that bite

If the player kill is there to be had, it sucks when it is taken. Plus Kelvin should be stealing kills. Let the ice golem snowball.