'Stealing' Kills in PvP: Thoughts?

There’s a strong mentality me and my friends got into back in our ME3 days. (Obligatory Horde Mode remibder.) It goes like this:

“The only thing that really matters is that they’re dead, and we’re not.”


The way I see it in objective based games like this often time it is not “kill stealing” but rather “securing a kill.” of course there are a few exceptions to this but not many, especially in this game.

Your score is literally your kills multiplied by 2 then add your assists and that’s your score.

actually i feel good, specially when the other player is giving the team a headache, i feel like “yeeah, bitch!” even if we lose the match, knowing we screwed the other guy a couple of times gives me satisfaction.

it’s a team vs a team, not players vs players.

a different thing could be like a free for all deathmatch, where somone killing your enemy gives them points, points they can use to get advantage over you.

then again fo those people that likes to hoard kills, a deathmatch should be ok. a concentric maze of mayhem.

i saaaiiid.
ya devs, a deathmatch mode including a concentric maze of mayhem , y’all. donuts cowboys homophobia.

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Yeah that the only problem i can think off, some toons do have kill bonus skills but they’re usually not game changing, a minor nuisance but that’s pretty much it.
It’s more about bragging rights than anything else, although it sucks when there are clearly players on your team that only care about getting a good KDA and completely ignore team objectives.

Yeah when it comes down to it we aint playing COD here, its a team focused on an objective not a kdr. anyone seriously bitchen about kill steals is playing the wrong game. But in some cases I image a team will feed one player as many kills as possible to fast lvl them for one reason or another (or at least that what i have herd in the mobas)

I think the only time something like a kill steal would bother me was if it was to finish of a pentakill, and a random sniper decides to shoot the last kill in the leg for the remaining 5 hp. That’s about it…getting assists in this game nets you just about as much xp as the actual kill. I don’t know the actual numbers, but the devs have assured us of this in multiple other threads. As far as giving stacks to to kelvin/el dragon/etc. there are easier ways. Chomp killing a minor bot will give you the same health as chomp killing montana, just as taking out a large shard or killing a player will give el dragon one stack.
Sorry if it was long winded; bottom line, don’t gank the Pentas if it can be helped. If it can’t, oh well, it IS just a game (though I might ignore you for a match or 2).

The only time I noticed kill stealing was when my team was purposely trying to steal kills each other and hearing someone b*tch about getting another assist. Ah…good times.

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It’s not so much CoD that this mentality comes from but MOBAs, where traditionally the killing blow has been worth significantly more than the assist and where those killing blows are the game’s primary source of both EXP and currency. In that environment, entire game strategies are often designed around feeding as many kills as possible to specific characters in order to quickly ramp up their power, hopefully so they can then steamroll over the opposition. And things like a support character taking a kill from an offensive character are blasphemous, hell-raising sins of the highest order.

Here in Battleborn, though, as people have said, kill vs assist experience is a much closer ratio and doesn’t matter anywhere near that much in the grand scheme of things. Killing dudes/robots is still good, certainly, but it’s not everything, especially since Battleborn also gives huge EXP bonuses for things like upgrading towers.

But if people are coming into this game after years of that traditional MOBA mindset, the game doesn’t make it immediately obvious that killing blows aren’t all-important, and so I can see why folks might be mad/apologetic about them. Just educate them and help that mindset change. :slight_smile:

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[quote=“TheSheepWhisper, post:1, topic:1379020”]
What are your thoughts when someone snags a kill from you? Are you angered or do you not really care? And why?
[/quote]Slightly pissed if I’m pushing hard for a specific upgrade or conditional trigger, but I otherwise bury it since it’s going for the team.

If kill-stealing is an issue, what about:

  • [+] 100% XP to the player that landed the killing blow/shot if they alone killed the target.
  • [?] 75% if it was an assisted kill; contributors that inflicted damage to (or received damage from) the target get 25%.
  • [?] Assisted kills do not break kill chains.
  • [?] Assisted kills activate relevant conditional triggers on all participants.

If they did it just like this, I believe some ‘Kill Skills’ might be too strong. But I can imagine it to work with assists on targets hit when they’re already below 10% maxHP counting as kills.

If any of you are familiar with Path of Exile, that game has a conditional trigger called Culling Strike, that insta-kills targets on hit if they’re below 10% health. While not 100% applicable for Battleborn, having assists count as kills, if you hit a target with less than 10% health could help to assure that there will be no fights over “kill-stealing”. This should however not go into Score, but simply act as a trigger for the Skills.

Aside from that, it’s worth noting that - from programming perspective - there is simply no efficient way to eliminate “Kill-stealing”, even if it is considered to be a problem (see CoD, etc.). So I think, the best way to deal with this is not letting it become a problem in the first place.

Idk how many times I tried to explain this concept to other players, while playing ME3. So yeah, there are always some people overly obsessed with Score.
But from what I’ve read on the Forum and experienced during CTT and Beta, I think the community for this Game is social enough to avoid a lot of potential frustration over these things.

There is no such thing as stealing a kill if you are truly playing as a team. Heck, you might just save someone…think about it. That player was just trading blows or bullets or whatever and MAYBE they were on the losing end of the fight. You might have just saved their bacon…likewise others will certainly save you some times.

I really hope that mentality is NOT part of this game. It is what killed a bunch of the fun in CoD for me. The constant crying about kill stealing. This is an objective game, right? Team based, objectives…

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[quote=“Sm0kerCrew, post:31, topic:1379020”]
If they did it just like this, I believe some ‘Kill Skills’ might be too strong. But I can imagine it to work with assists on targets hit when they’re already below 10% maxHP counting as kills.
[/quote]Which is why I sometimes code idea lists the way that I do:

  • [+] = supported
  • [-] = not supported
  • [?] = considering whether to support or not

I hate when someone says that in-game…

I mean it’s team based game, everyone is trying to kill enemy he’s focused at… Guys, don’t act like you’re entitled for that, you are not.

That stuff just happens…

But ! Game needs to identify the situation, when somenoe does 99% dmg (not only 99%, let’s say 150% because target’s healing) and some teammate does final 1% dmg, thus getting the kill.
Game needs to cleverly differentiate between pure kill and knock down damage…

Otherwise it will be long range >> close range, rewards/shards wise… Which will be really unfortunate…

I don’t remember the point rewards from beta exactly but I had a feeling that it was not THAT great as it should be.

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Well I think kill steals are needed for some characters. Like el dragon and Kelvin. I really loved el dragon and 40% of the time I did a kill steal. Without them I would’ve been much weaker, cause of my passive. The thing is I barely got kill stealed, I usually did it all the time. But as you said kills really aren’t that important for some characters and game modes.

As far as I’m concerned steal all you want. As long as the team benefits i’m good !


" I had a feeling that it was not THAT great as it should be"

That’s the point. It’s the same reason players don’t explode spectacularly after dying, (which I’m sure was the plan initially), they just kind of disintegrate unimpressively.

Whereas minions explode spectacularly when sacrificed, and capture points give a lot of visual feedback at all times. When you see a bot explode after you kill it or sacrifice it, you get a rush and are subconsciously thinking “Man, I wanna see that again!”

This is an objective based game, so when you are completing an objective, BattleBorn gives you visual stimuli to tell you you’re doing your job correctly, that way you are focusing more on the objective than killing people.

TL;DR: It’s supposed to feel underwhelming when you get a player kill, because they shouldn’t be your primary focus anyway, so the effect doesn’t hold your focus as long as a minion death or capture. It’s psychological, so just play the game. ;D


The only time kill steals bother me is when I’m intentionally targeting someone so I can get the taunt on them. Other than that I don’t really care who gets the kill as long as the enemy is stuck looking at a respawn timer while we get an opportunity to push a lane.

I try to snag as many kills as I can just so I can push my “Personal Best” to new levels :stuck_out_tongue: But ultimately it doesn’t matter… As long as I can see I put out a lot of damage and did a lot of the objectives I am happy.

I sadly agree with this lol. If I only get four kills but kill the most minions and build lots of turrets, I’m happy if we win. But if I go 19-6 I’ll still be happy with a good personal performance even if we lose, though I do pudh the objective and prioritise winning over kills.