Stealth changes compilation (Nerfs and Buffs)

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere online (including the May 23rd patch notes which is when these changes occured), but there have been some stealth nerfs and buffs that I have noticed. I would like this thread to be a compilation of other stealth changes that others have noticed, just for the sake of awareness.


  1. Solar Wind had its damage reduced from 80 -> 53. (Confirmed)
  2. Ambra’s primary attack requires Ambra to be even closer to activate. (Confirmed.)
  3. Scorching Strikes now consume less heat. (Confirmed)

Shayne and Aurox

  1. Damage of Fetch is reduced from 133 -> 89. (Confirmed)
  2. Damage of Boomerang Bounce augment on the second enemy hit has been reduced from 100% -> 50%. (Confirmed).
  3. Holding it Down augment now no longer causes Aurox to disappear on contact when hit with the side of the hitbox. This is essentially a nerf as it causes Shayne’s DPS to now always be lowered by 50% during the stun. (Confirmed)
  4. Got Em’ augment speed has been increased from 35% -> 100%. (Confirmed)
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That Ambra life steal is what you’re referring to the “Lock on attack”? If so then yes, you need to get WAYYYYYYY close in which DOES NOT make sense at all. Once you’re locked, you can continue to life steal even farther comparing to the distance to require the “lock on”

I can confirm the change to ambra’s heat consumption for the basic heat attacks. In the beta when I played her you could maybe get two, three attacks in with a full gauge of heat and now you can do about 6.


I have edited the original post.


Was it changed that way at launch or after? This list is meant for stealth changes made after launch, but not in any patch notes.

well then it would have to be after launch If I had to guess. played the beta until the day it stopped(not always as ambra but) and then when I played her in the full release a few days ago, I noticed that I could hit more than a few times with her base heat attacks. Not sure if the change applies to radiant halberd tho :s

Since you are uncertain, I will leave it as unconfirmed (it could have been changed after beta before launch which this list isn’t covering). Hopefully others can help confirm this for us 100%.

I doubt it would work for the radiant halberd since it is supposed to release all of the heat at once.

Ambra’s heat has changed since about a week or so ago. I don’t understand the reasoning behind either of these nerfs. S&A’s playability was actually hurt pretty bad because of this, the stun is practically useless, and not once did I see anyone have a problem with her, and of course both Ambra and Shayne are two of the 3 characters I primarily play…


I was quite surprised by the huge nerfs that Shayne received as well. Having messed with her other augments I found another Shayne glitch that significantly lowers her DPS after Stealth Strike, so I made a thread about Shayne’s glitches in the Shayne forums.

I was also surprised with the fact that they patched some of the Shayne glitches out, but missed some of the most common Shayne glitches, which directly weaken the character’s DPS in critical moments.

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Looks like they missed adding a few things to the patch notes again. It happens.

No, it’s just sloppiness, especially since the notes haven’t been update over a week later.

Did I say otherwise? All I am saying is that they weren’t stealth nerfs or buffs. They aren’t trying to sneak anything past us. They just missed adding a few things to the patch notes. It’s nothing major but it is still something that needs to be worked on.

I apologize. I didn’t mean to make this thread with the intention of saying that the developers intentionally tried to hide these changes. These changes were unnoted, and I thought such changes were called “stealth changes.”