Stealth fixes found yet

Have any been found yet, just wondering

There was a Shayne glitch that prevented Shayne from performing a full melee combo for the first hit after using Stealth Strike if the level 3 helix option “Hulk out with your Djinn” was selected. This has been fixed.

Nah, it was always like that. Has been since day 1. It makes her stealth less OP

I guess it was just the activation of fetch then. I will remove it.

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Thanks that glitch was REALLY annoying

This is less of a fix and more of a “OMG that’s been broken ALL THIS DAMN TIME!!!???”

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The previous patch broke sorting Battleborn by lore challenge this patch fixed it.


Is it me or Deande’s fan throws are less arched now?

I dont know my update is on 12%

I have been informed that Isic’s charge shot no longer has an AOE. Can anyone confirm this?


double yes

Triple yes

So far, I know of Shepards coming back in Incursion (which wasn’t listed in the Patch notes). Me and a friend of mine are also wondering if Caldarius’ Blade attack got an attack speed bonus.

Yes, they are!

This is how far to the right I had to swing in order to hit the big shard cluster before. And this is what you need now.


Apart from Shepherd bots in Incursion I also noticed some “space warp” FX on Sentry attack. Never noticed that before.
Also: dual sword Thrall mercenary now uses his shockwave attack when “neutral” instead simply dodging and hitting. To my surprise he uses Beastmaster’s spear throw too. Weird.

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Deande is looking to be one of my new favorites. I liked her before but she feels so much better now.

Too much health you gotta admit

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I had always ran a blue +490 in the past. Now I can run full Sheild/Skill damage.
It’s a beautiful thing.