Stealth fixes found yet


double yes

Triple yes

So far, I know of Shepards coming back in Incursion (which wasn’t listed in the Patch notes). Me and a friend of mine are also wondering if Caldarius’ Blade attack got an attack speed bonus.

Yes, they are!

This is how far to the right I had to swing in order to hit the big shard cluster before. And this is what you need now.


Apart from Shepherd bots in Incursion I also noticed some “space warp” FX on Sentry attack. Never noticed that before.
Also: dual sword Thrall mercenary now uses his shockwave attack when “neutral” instead simply dodging and hitting. To my surprise he uses Beastmaster’s spear throw too. Weird.

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Deande is looking to be one of my new favorites. I liked her before but she feels so much better now.

Too much health you gotta admit

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I had always ran a blue +490 in the past. Now I can run full Sheild/Skill damage.
It’s a beautiful thing.

Ok whatevs also my kelvin thing now to be made

What’s even more disturbing is the new grenade attack of the double Thralls. Which begs the question, why does a Thrall launch a grenade attack at close range? And why doesn’t its AoE also damage the Thrall? If they are crazy enough to launch grenades at their feet then they too should suffer the consequences.:smile_cat:

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Actually it is a prominent attack of Brutes (the double Thralls species), which have this in Story Mode. Very deadly/annoying, especially at Advanced.

I know they have it in story but they stealth added it to PvP. I found out the hard way when I went to solo them and got simultaneously blasted. My first death by Thrall since this game was first released 6 months ago.

The DoT on Ambra’s Ult was buffed by 107.5%. The impact damage wasn’t touched.

From 80 per second, to 166 damage per second at level 10.

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So the the right helix choice will be finally viable

Just did an Algorithm run with Ernest solo. Galactic Emperor only had two phases, not three as before. ISIC’s fight was different too, he seemed to recieve some damage even when his leg batteries were covered and he only needed 1 hit to the head on last phase.

But I’m not sure if all of this changes happened due to fixes and not due to me using Ernest. Though it’s not my first fight with him as Ernest…

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They fixed El Dragon’s Dragonamania taunt.

Yeah, noticed that too. But it needs further fixes, his tit still has strange shape.

Wounds have been fixed. Before the patch they actually reduced healing by 70%, now they reduce healing by 60% like the devs said they should.

Correction: this is most likely connected to Ernest, because a run with Orendi was the same as always.