Stealth gun buff in recent patch

Noticed the Devoted buff that never went through from a while back seems to have been applied now. Looks like around +100% dmg. Wondering if there are any others anyone has noticed?

I found lots of stealth nerfs too such as Lucians Call went from 20kish to 8kish as well as The Breath Of The Dying.

Yes I saw those too. Breath of Dying thankfully went back to normal stats for me but last i checked Lucians Call was still pre-buff version.

How about Smartgun and Mother Too? I think those had buffs the same hotfix as Devoted that didnt seem to take originally. I don’t have either on hand to check

Edit: the tediores did get buffed originally but it was just to the reload damage.

Smartgun buff from March that never took also went through with the patch.


@ucfmatt Hmmmm, seems like this kind of a buff could actually make the Smart Gun worth using? Have you tried it?

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i love you sooooooo much, been waiting for the smart-gun buff to be applied

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Yeah I was running with it briefly this morning. On bottomless Moze it packed a punch but without ever reloading it didn’t blow me away. However If I manually reloaded during fights it really comes alive. All the little brains running around shooting and exploding themselves at enemies can clear the room quick. Definitely worth trying out in my opinion.

Here’s the list of missing buffs that went through with the patch per Loot lemon

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