Stealth ISIC Nerf?

Gentlemen, I require your assistance. I played ISIC a couple times today and I noticed that the AoE on his primary attack seems to have been completely removed. I can’t see anything about it in the patch notes either.

Can anyone confirm or refute this?

I sure hope this is true. The AOE aspect is part of what put him on perma-ban in tourneys. Now they just need to decimate the damage on it and give him much stronger wards and he might be able to fill his role as a tank.

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wait, Isic was good? ya, never saw that whenever I happened to be killing him, lol.

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ISIC is a skirmisher par excellence, and almost everyone that plays him runs too far out. His job is suppressive fire a la Montana, but his kit makes him much more unkillable. The Wards autowin shooting duels for
you and Dash is a fantastic, nearly unstoppable escape that can even move vertical levels with ease. Boost his shield max + shield recharge with gear and helixes and he can recover 800+ shield in perhaps two seconds total. You’re all familiar with the DPS potential of Turret Form, I presume.

I can see why they’d think about removing it - he could wipe minion waves from across the map in 10-15 seconds with the Cannon - but in casual and console play this destroys him.


This was mentioned by grant before.


Well he should still be like a literal tank, I would like his charged shot tell feel powerful and not weak

Thanks, man, I hadn’t heard.

makes sense, but i always play montanna like a tank. he gets massive health, and very steady damage and cc and can spec into damage reduction IIRC. ISIC i can usually just run up to and whack him about. I havent played him much so i woudnt know much about his skills though

Isic is a wrecking machine. I’ve even got pentas as him. That AOE removal gon affect his killing powers tho


Pretty much. By his classification he shouldn’t be a killing machine, but there have been games where I didn’t even realize I got a quad until I check the post-match stats. His charge shot is ridiculously powerful. The fact it could nuke waves was just a cherry on top.

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So are you against him being pretty much a literal tank and just a traditional one (note I agree damage needs to be toned as of right now, he is more literal turret then literal tank, but if the damage is toned down, how much, because it should be rewarding, just not this much)

To put it simply, yes. This game is severely lacking in traditional damage-soaker tanks. The changes to S&A make it so that you can build them as somewhat of a tank, granted. But ISIC is specifically labeled as a tank, yet excels at being a ranged DPS so much that a tanky frontliner playstyle is unrewarding.

If they indeed stealth-removed AOE, it should remove his ability to simply nuke waves from sniper range, hopefully encouraging him to contribute elsewhere. However, landing direct hits on players isn’t that hard (about comparable to Toby shooting through a force field IMO, maybe a little easier), so he’ll still be dominant at destroying players. Currently, the damage of a standard shot at level 1 is 21, while a charge shot is 177. Charge shot increases by ~7 each level, good for about 240 damage at level 10. With Symbiotic Gauntlet and the damage mutation (I use both), it’s good for ~337 damage at level 10. I would drop down the charge shot damage to somewhere like 100 at level 1, and add ~4 each level. This would be good for ~140 at level 10, or ~196 with the aforementioned upgrades. No more relying on high-powered snipes to kill your enemy before they even reach you. Maybe even give his shots a projectile timeout similar to Orendi or Alani. Maybe increase the damage of his normal shot to something like 30 or 40 (they’re hard to land anyways, and super inaccurate if you are just going to be releasing charge as soon as you have it).

Throw in a substantial wards buff (something like 100 damage at level 1, overcharge to 150, and scale with +5 health to normal and +7.5 health to overcharged each level, increase “Burlier Wards! :D” to 150, maybe reduce “You Dropped These! ;)” to only reflect 50% damage) and increase energy aegis to actually 1000 blocking (I believe it is really 500 at the moment and just lying at the character overview, haven’t tested), and you have yourself a shield/skill based frontlining tank. Forced to play close by his damage potential, and able to play close with wards, shield, legendary that makes the two work together, options for shield strength/recharge/delay buffs, and an escape with CC potential.

Montanna and Boldur say hi. and that’s just the two I KNOW are damn near impossible to kill with a half decent healer on the team.

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Well I’m thinking his charged shot should be 125, however boldur (once damage is toned down) fits the traditional moba tank, and Montana too, as his damage is only up close (more with certain helixes) I would like to have ISICS niche be like a literal tank, firepower with lots a defense, but once past, get good reward because of size and crit spot, to be honest your suggestions actually sounds like that believe it or not, but doesn’t overcharged wards block 250

EDIT: your suggestions are pretty cool, especially the reflecting wards one

I didn’t say the game completely lacked traditional tanks, I said it was severely lacking. Having only 3 or so tanks to choose from (I’d tentatively throw in Galilea, if only because she fits the prototype of shield, low base damage, CC options) sucks compared to the number of assassins, waveclears, and support/healers (while only three are good for true health healing, Reyna and Kleese’s shielding abilities qualify them for this role IMO, Kleese less so ever since Heal Chair got killed).

Well this game is “for every kind of badass” making more tanks all soak with no damage is just not very unique, not that boldur and Montana are problems with that, they are unique, I would like to have them all feel different and your ISIC changes are VERY similar to I want actually ironically

Has this been confirmed? I tried playing Isic once since the update, but I couldn’t tell if there was no longer an area of effect on his cannon. It seemed the same to me. They certainly didn’t do anything to improve his defense, though. Whenever I got even close to the front line, I got wiped out in about 2 1/2 seconds. Galilea would stun me, and then she and Orendi or Ernest would wipe me out before the stun even wore off. This was with ~2000 health and 680 shields. Some tank!

I always play him in the back because he’s no longer a true tank like Boldur. Hell, even Monty can take more damage than ISIC can before having to retreat.

what do you mean, “hell even”? Montanna can be built to be a tank among tanks, so it makes sense a non tank could take less damage, lol.

Exactly what I said.

ISIC - tank:

Boldur - tank:

Monty - not a tank: