Stealth, please Explain

Been trying to find an accurate explanation about his Stealth. This isn’t a rant, just want to know so I can play/play against him efficiently.

When/how can he be revealed? Every time I come across him I’ll hit him clear as day and he stays in stealth.


He stays in stealth until he attacks or uses injection skill. Even if you hit him with a normal attack, he will remain in stealth.

If you use a reveal on a skill, think Orendi lvl 1, it will knock him out of his stealth. He does have the smoke bomb skill that will make him become stealthy again. Other CC effects still effect him, but he will still be hidden.

As how to play him, I haven’t seen him do anything any other fast assassin can do except he is great at destroying buildables in the opponents base and being annoying behind the enemy. There have been a few times where I took the other teams thrall and have done 5-20 points of damage to the sentry, but you are leaving your team behind. I like to play him with extra health and stack life steal because he is very squishy, but test him out and find your own way of playing him.

As to how to beat him, for the most part, I ignore him. If he is being annoying, he isn’t helping the team win and you will be in a constant 4 on 5 in most modes. He is really good at taking out characters when they think they are safe, so just be aware that he is on the map.

I hope this helps

For Pendles to be revealed he either needs to attack you (or one of your teammates, sentries or buildables) or you or someone on your team needs to use an ability with the Reveal attribute on them. Ambra has augments for her Solar Wind and her Sunspots that adds a Reveal. Whiskey Foxtot can add reveal to his Scrap Cannon. Orendi on her Shadowfire Pillar. Toby can see stealthed characters when he zooms in with the right augment. Reyna can reveal with her Priority Target. Marquis has reveal on his Predatory Strike when upgraded. And Pendles themselves can reveal enemies with a mutation.

Great, thanks