Stealth Protuberance nerf?

I’ve noticed that my Protuberance shotguns in my inventory are all still the same 2-3k damage on the card as they always were.

Since the recent hotfix I’ve had two more protuberance drop. Both were showing a fraction of the damage, but the rest of the numbers are all basically the same. Is this just a strange low damage variant? Two in a row have been in the 500 damage range.

Try loading the game w/o applyting the hotfix and see if the nerf is there.

Not all protuberance’s are the same; the high damage ones have a barrel that says something like “650% damage”. They’re quite rare as ive only found 1. (This is only listed in the parts tab)


Thank God lol. I didn’t still have that low damage one to check, but I saw this on the magazine of one of my high damage protuberance. I learned something new tonight.


I was very surprised one time to load up the game and find out that the DOT damage on the cards of my Protuberances (and Interlopers too) was somewhere in the region of 12-15k per second. But then I had to restart the game (after it crashed) and the ludicrous bonus damage had disappeared. My best guess as to why that happened is probably because a previous hotfix somehow did not apply, so the damage on the card was way higher than it’s supposed to be.

Protuberances remind me of the Fibber in BL2 - it’s only decent for DPS if it spawns with the correct barrel.

I did have one protuberance over 10k damage on the card when I was looking offline. Think it’s 3500 online now. Still a lot better than 500. I must be lucky to not have seen the low damage version drop before I guess.

No grenade launcher mag = no damage.

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How are you able to view a weapons parts like that? Is it a PC thing, not available on consoles?

Go to your inventory and inspect weapon

I know how to do that part, but never saw a parts list like in his photos. I will have to look tonight

I believe it’s L1/R1 on PS4 to switch to different info like the parts.

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Just figured it out. Thx mate. I can’t believe i never noticed this option. Total brain fart…lol

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