StealthShampoo's Battleborn Breakdown Thread!

Hey all, I’m posting the below on behalf of @UltraVioletNicky who is on the road. He’s officially opened up submissions for his new video series “Battleborn Breakdown”. He has all the details below! -Joe

Nicky from StealthShampoo would like to feature YOUR gameplay on the official Battleborn YouTube channel on the new series "The Battleborn Breakdown”!


Nicky and his army of professional Battleborn commentators featuring EdEMonster, Randy Varnell (@jythri), @MentalMars, and more will breakdown your gameplay, personally offering specialized tips and tricks for your Battleborn hero.

We are looking for gameplay that shows off your skills while also giving the audience something to learn. It’s okay to make honest mistakes in the video or lose team fights! We are looking for close matches, win or lose, where we can help by providing commentary and advice on your gameplay.

If you would like to submit gameplay, here are the requirements:

  • Online multiplayer, Meltdown or Incursion.

  • Maximum 30 minutes of GAMEPLAY (does not include lobby, waiting in the ship, or the end game screen).

  • Maximum 32 minutes of footage in the submission (be sure to cut the footage!).

  • Please write a brief description of how you played the character and how your build (Helix and Gear) complimented it.

Pro tip: you’ll really look like a cool guy if you include a Helix build using the online builder!

  • Be specific with your gear! Did it have any negative statistics?

  • At least a 1080p (1920x1080), 30 FPS recording on ANY platform. Higher FPS is acceptable.

  • In-game sound only, no commentary from the player or teammates. You can mute teammates in game!

  • All one singular take, no editing of the match itself.

  • No watermarks, logos, overlays, or webcams on the gameplay.

  • By submitting your gameplay, StealthShampoo reserves the right to repurpose your gameplay for any and all projects on StealthShampoo or the BattlebornGame YouTube channels.


  • Capture the end game scoreboard! (If you forget, you can grab it under “Match History!)

  • Be sure to disable any and all notification systems, both audio and video. This includes pop-up messages or friend login notifications on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, or Steam.

  • In your submission post, please leave the (1) social media channel you would like plugged verbally in The Battleborn Breakdown video, and in the description. Alternatively, we can shout out your forum name or gamertag.

Chosen submissions will receive a verbal plug in The Battleborn Breakdown video as well as a link in the description to your YouTube or Twitch channel (if applicable)!

Submit your gameplay to via sharing with Google Drive.

We look forward to watching your submissions!


@JoeKGBX with the given requirements, is it ok to submit video for more than 1 character?

Wouldn’t it be neat if while they were doing there commentary to have a little Q&A with the player of that match?

I’m way too terrible and no good at making videos to participate.

@JoeKGBX I sent a video to "" a couple of times but it comes back as delivery failed… hopefully I put the right address

Hopefully, @UltraVioletNicky can confirm that soon. If I need to go back and edit the OP, I’ll certainly do that!

Hey guys,

I’m currently out on vacation in Japan, but let me get to a couple of your questions. Any further questions can be directed to me on Twitter, @StealthShampoo.

The email in the original post should be “battlebornbreakdown at gmail dot com”.

@RedX you’re totally welcome to submit videos for more than one character. Keep in mind, I’ll probably pick different players per week, and might only select the most suitable gameplay.

@lostkrouu not a bad idea to have done with SuperBadJuJu (who’s a Twitch streamer), but other selected players might not be suited for commentating. I find that the 4 host format is plenty.

Looking forward to see what you gameplay you guys have! Meanwhile, you can check out the first episode and learn to play Miko here.


I feel like half the community is being left out here. There are some that don’t play pvp. I know there are certain ways to play certain missions, and most people new to the community don’t jump into pvp right away. I feel if you incorporated both aspects of the game you’ll be less likely to offend the community as this has offended me.

I would also like to state if this is going to be a pvp exclusive only then I for one will not bother to view it once.

I’m an insanely good Kelvin player and I’ll bet you don’t hear that too often. I have no idea have to upload or send videos but I do have screen shots of me in a 4v5 going 18-3. My longest kill streak with Kelvin is 15 and I have over 250 hours of playtime with Kelvin.