Steam: Achievement_54

So I am playing the game right now, and got this:
What is this? I was playing with my Jack and just went through Lunar Launching Station, killed a Lost Legion Powersuit, and this popped up.

Achievement 54, Pre sequel has 50, 3 for holodome, im jus guessing its a glitch with the new story dlc achievements, maybe killing a powersuit? idk , its weird tho lol

My steam says Pre-Sequel has 63 achivements. I have 41 of 63.

yea i think their new story dlc achievement glitched for you, im on PSN and it says it has 54(1 more being the platinum) cuz on steam achievement 53=holodome round w/o FFYL 54-63 would be new dlc

This achievement has been unlocked in different ways. That shouldn’t happen so it clear that is bugged to some degree (unless it has some oddly specific methods of unlocking). There probably won’t be an official statement for this so it is best to sit back and see what happens when it becomes available with an actual description. I still think it’s related to Claptrap’s (2nd) DLC and this achievement is just wonky.

Steam cheevos are always glitchy and sometimes you get the wrong ones for doing nothing special. I got “Smash the system” by killing a Tork a week before the dlc was releases, so yeah… there’s that.

I saw I got it earlier while playing Jack and I don’t know why.

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Maybe a Jack thing, weird.

Could be. My guy’s only level 9, so I don’t know.

I just logged into Steam to find this as well - weird.

Just got no. 54 achivement on low level jack. I was killing some krogans.

Chalk it up to another 2k australia bug I guess.