Steam achievements not saving

Hi there!

Bought the game a couple days ago, absolutely loving it, but somehow steam is not tracking my achievements? I only have 3, not unlocking the level related ones (e.g. Reach level 10) and most likely a bunch of other challenges I’ve been doing but not being recognized. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix? Thanks a ton.


Have same with Gun Pals and
Good Against Remotes Is One Thing

Yes since 19. May

All Archivments down

I have the same problem with Borderlands 3.

I have noticed that no successes have been displayed since May 19th.

I recognized it because I am level 57 and the success for level 50 is still gray and has not been activated.

Then I noticed that further successes from the story are missing.

Before the problem is not resolved, I will not buy a DLC or continue playing.

The fun goes away.

I hope the bug is fixed and not ignored.


Ich habe das selbe Problem mit Borderlands 3.

Ich habe festgestellt das seit dem 19.Mai keine Erfolge angezeigt werden.

Erkannt habe ich es daran das ich Level 57 bin und der Erfolg für Level 50 noch grau ist und nicht aktiviert wurde.

Dann habe ich bemerkt das auch weitere Erfolge aus der Story fehlen.

Bevor das Problem nicht behoben ist werde ich mir auch kein DLC kaufen oder weiter spielen.

Da vergeht mir der Spaß. :fhknight:

Ich hoffe der Fehler wird repariert und nicht ignoriert.

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Having the same problem. Since May 18/19 I haven’t been able to get any achievements to pop. I’ve completed the Marriage DLC twice, for example; once with a mate and once by myself (as it didn’t save the progress from their game) and it did not trigger “Love is the Fifth Dimension” when you marry Hammerlock and Jakobs.

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Jepp, same Issue here

They’ve almost give a response about that?

I have the same problem, I hope you hear us and it will be fixed soon