Steam achievements not unlocking

I’m a few days late on this as I wasn’t sure where to mention this, but guess this is the right place.

A few days ago I was finishing off the last few missions I had for the main game and getting their achievements before I carried on further with any of the DLCs, but for some reason I wasn’t given these achievements (on steam):

  • Slaughterhouse 3
  • Getting A Little On The Side
  • 100-Proof

What I found odd was after not getting “Slaughterhouse 3”, I visited the eridian proving grounds as they were the last places I needed to go to for " Master Of All You Survey", which that unlocked for me. So the next day I figured I’d just carry on and leave the Circle of Slaughters and try again on a new save some other time, or maybe it would unlock once I’ve completed all side missions (this has happened to me on another game when I’ve progressed further. forgot what its called now). So I did the proving grounds and the dynasty dash missions (left these till last), and I didn’t get “100-Proof” and “Getting A Little On The Side”.

I’ve validated the game and it says “All files successfully validated”.

I had that happen to me also. On one of the updates last year, those achievements finally unlocked for me. So might have to wait for them to unlock with a future update.
I’m waiting for the 3 achievements in DLC3 to unlock for me: How the West was Done, That’s Quite Challenging, and Helpful Hunter.

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There’s a thread about this issue on this sub-forum (PC Borderlands 3 Tech Support), I recommend posting your problem there too. I just experienced these bugs and commented there. Maybe if it gets enough attention they will do something about it.