[STEAM] Borderlands 2 Online Co-op Lag

My friend hosts the game and I join in and experience a unstable and some times, disconnecting, on the party. I have never experienced this lag on any multiplayer games we have been playing although we’ve played Borderlands GOTY Enhanced and there was also a online co-op lag present, but it was fixed by configuring the Willow Engine.ini regarding the VoiP settings.

We are very eager to play this game especially since we are doing a playthrough of all the games in the franchise before jumping into Borderlands 3. We have lowered our settings to justifiable settings, and set the PHYSX to Low. I never experience massive lag with the game in singleplayer and so is my friend because he has the superior PC and internet so he is the host.

Has there any fix regarding this issue so far? Thank you!