Steam Broadcast, Homeworld Remastered, you only see a green screen

Any fixes coming from the devs?


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Hmm… Maybe it’s so you can edit in a background? :wink:

I hope the Devs rectify this soon though, it would help the community a bit…

Well i only posted it because i wanted to watch a mate on steam play hw2 for a bit when i was bored. When it came up green screen i noticed that others had similar issues on steam forums after a google search. So since no devs from here post there (i take it) i thought id post here and link bitvenom in see if he can see whats up. Only game ive seen do this so far from watching mates on a variety of games. I presume its a game issue rather than a steam issue.

Best i can describe it is a green screen, u can see the cursor move about but thats green and bit glitchy too. Audio came through ok tho from what i could tell.

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I won’t say 100% it is fixed, because of how the build we’ve tested with it set up - but this is most likely clear and working great post-patch! It wasn’t ‘our’ fault, which I won’t go in to details about for now - but we dealt with it.


I just installed HWRC today and I’m still getting a green screen when using in-home streaming with HW or HW2 remastered. I assume I should have the newest patch.

Not the patch he’s talking about. :slight_smile:

It’s this one…

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Hi Guys,

I’ve finally found a fix for this problem, at least for me.

Go in your steam big picture settings, in-home streaming, advanced host options, and tick prefer NVFBC capture method.

Also make sure steam overlay and broadcasting are disabled.

Voila! Finally Homeworld on the TV.

Spread the word! Hopefully this will help!

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but this topics about broadcasting.

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