Steam Cloud Saves confusion

Playing with a friend and my PC shut down due to a power outage. Encountered the “corrupt” character save, and scoured the internet for a resolution, and couldn’t find a consistent answer when it comes to steam cloud saves.

Steps I’ve taken:
Went to the steam cloud save, downloaded the recent files before the crash, then pasted it under the saved games folder. Loaded up BL3 but still showed nothing.
The online solutions I found tell you to find a “TMP” file and renamed it to a “.sav” but the only file listed under my saved games folder is titled “steam_autocloud.vdf”
I’m assuming this fix only works on the Epic Game’s Browser which I don’t have, because I bought the game on steam.

My question is: If I’m playing BL3 on steam, and it saves to the cloud, how can I reliably backup a save file? I’m too paranoid now to continue on playing, and risking another crash.

This sounds like your save game files were not actually stored in this folder? That can happen sometimes if you have multiple drives, or your system helpfully mapped your documents folder (and everything in it) to OneDrive.

The default path is:

drive:USER\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\