Steam co-op mercenary available (Europe & Middle East)

After seeing numerous dated posts looking for co-op partners and incredibly late replies, I am posting here to offer myself up for raid bossing, help in farming specific items (even quest ones), unlocking OP levels, or as a co-op partner to play with. I mostly almost exclusively play zer0 but will play other character as well (might groan if made made to play Axton).

All I require in return is fun game time. I’ll play with anybody. Your age and/or gender and/or culture and/or preference in sandwiches in completely irrelevant to me.

I’m mostly online on weeknights, and Saturdays.

I do not enjoy powerlevelling characters from 0 - 72 though, so I may decline doing that. However, I may start a level 1 and play with you (but I will definitely rush through Normal and TVHM).

SteamID: SunDrippedDevil