Steam controller in BL2

I’ve been trying my damndest to start loving this thing but it’s a struggle. Most people who do love it have apparently had the same experience so that’s ok.

In any event, the Steam controller in and of itself might not be the product that finally bridges the gap for those of us who aren’t fond of mouse/KB but who actually want to hit stuff and have a variety of customization options while so doing - but it seems to be the best effort yet.
(In spite of clearly being designed by a sadist who relishes the suffering of finger joints. Guess it takes all kinds.)

Anyway: tips, settings, gyro preferences, what have you - all are welcome.

Edit: Moved to support? Really? This’ll be as visible as Clappy in a snowdrift.

Fine. I’ll hit ya with the silent treatment. See how you like that.
Yep. Giving you the silent treatment. Feel the sting of my passive-aggression. Being totally silent. Not talking to you at all.

Total silence.