Steam Controller

Did you play Battleborn on Steam Controller? I didn’t have time to set it up during the open beta, but now gave it a chance. It’s a dry run, since I can’t test it in game yet, but this is what I ended up with after some planning:

Basically, I tried to assign the frequently used actions to keys that are closest/easier to reach.

Sprinting is bound to outer ring of the left touchpad (you walk if the finger is near the center, and sprint if it’s near the edge). Returning to base is set to gyro lean (both).

Melee on right pad click, and ping when it’s double tapped.

Stick is not used for movement, so it gave me five slots for more actions, which I used for redundancy: quick access to Helix, Gear and skills. The placement of the skills there (ultimate in the center) should make it more intuitive to select an upgrade or gear.

In the Menu action set (triggered if the mouse cursor is visible) I plan to set O/P and K/L keys under bumpers and paddles, for quicker navigation around Command menus.

Is there anything missing or incorrect? Any suggestions?