Steam Disconnects

Breaking Character…

Does anyone have any advice for sudden “Lost Connection to Steam” issues that happen 85% of the time I try to play the game?

What happened (twice in a row today) is… I wait 20 minutes. I finally get into a decent match. I am dropped midway through with a message like “Lost Connection to Steam.” I check my connection to the Internet. It’s fine. I look at Steam. After a few seconds, I can see all friends again and am connected. I make it back in, but it’s too late. The game’s over, or it’s too late for me to do anything.

Full disclosure… I do have internet issues on occasion where my computer will drop me… but when I can still get on Google after it randomly disconnects Steam, I literally can’t play the game.

I’m only able to get on casually, and to waste my time waiting, waiting, waiting, then finally getting in and getting disconnected, it’s not how I want to spend my free time. I’ve literally had more fun posting on the forums than trying to play the game for the last few weeks.

Are there any suggestions for things I can do to try to improve performance? (Preferably not simple things, because I’ve tried fixing this before, and the simple solutions Steam gives almost never work)

Once again, it may be my internet, but I find it suspicious that ONLY Steam is disconnecting.

UPDATE: I realize I forgot key information.
Running Windows 10. NVIDIA graphics. Discord was NOT active at the time (there is a known issue where Discord will cause me to lose my internet connection). Probably could have filled out a support ticket, but I’m super burnt out right now. Kind of just wanted to vent. May ask content mod later to delete this.

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Might just be a problem with steam. Steam is very tempermental, and Gaben is too busy swimming in money like scrooge mcduck to fix it.

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Awww. I feel for the bird. Hope that stops somehow


I’ve also been having weird steam disconnects from time to time recently. And my connection has always been very stable so idk why it’s happening. I’m not sure if it’s happening when I’m not playing Battleborn though, so not sure which one is the problem.

But it would also probably help to tell your internet connection details. I also assume you’re using an Etherner Cable?

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Breaking Character…

Ok… let me start out by saying, I apologize. This thread was venting. I usually try to keep that sh*t off the forums. I have no idea why I decided to vent my frustrations here, instead of A. Filling out a support ticket… B. Contacting Steam… or C. Thinking about the problem logically and trying to fix it myself.

It may have had something to do with the fact that I got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night… as I laid down and immediately fell asleep for two hours after posting.

In any case, I will be requesting that a content mod close/delete this topic. I should not have posted while tired and frustrated, as this thread is completely unproductive, and I have no idea what I expected anyone to do about it, if anything. (I don’t even think I expected anybody to do anything about it… I just wanted to be angry, which is actually kind of idiotic on retrospect, and exactly the kind of behavior I try to avoid in my community building activities here.)

@reliikki I will say when I play single player games, my connection to Steam has been pretty stable. Ori and the Blind Forest, The Talos Principle, and Batman: The Telltale series have all played fine for me in the last few weeks. Regarding my connection, I am plugged via ethernet into a wireless signal booster. That may be my entire issue right there. It may just be that I’m overtaxing the internet at home (which other people use). Further backed up by evidence that I seem to do better in Battleborn after 9 PM or when nobody’s around. Also further backed up by the fact that it disconnected me twice during peak hours on New Year’s Day when I was on Discord playing CaH online. Again, this plays into the whole “This post was venting frustrations and I didn’t actually know what I expected anyone to do about the problem” issue. It may just be my internet f**king with me.

@timtoborne It could be Steam, or it could be my internet connection. Not knowing and being tired while trying to fix it definitely didn’t help. In any case, sorry for dragging you into my unnecessary DRAMA TIME!!!

@epicender584 Thank you for the sympathy, but again… it’s probably just my internet situation right now. It may not be something anyone can fix, and I think I was venting just to vent on retrospect. Also… and this might be Benedict talking and not me… I looked at your comment and was all like… aw no… hell no… don’t feel sorry for me… I was just bein’ an a**hole… my problems ain’t your problems… but in any case thank you.

And with that… hopefully this thread will be closed and deleted soon and we will never ever speak of it again… ever… like that demonic midget we’ve got locked in the base— I’ve already said too much…


What thread?

Rubs thumb and forefinger together in “pay me” gesture.

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Closed as requested.

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