Steam Error - Invalid App Configuration

I have unistalled and reinstalled the game, restarted steam, restarted my pc. I’m unsure of what to do at this point. Does anyone have a way around this or a fix?

here is the actual picture of the error

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Are you running steam through wine on linux?

Same here for me. Running it on Win10.

im running it on Windows. I just want to try the game out but I can’t get passed the error screen. It’s very upsetting

Did you try the Steam verify files process? Check here

I validated the files and I’m still getting the error

what does steam support say? mine just dings.

It just says steam error. Every time I click steam support it just takes me to the store -.-

Getting something similar. Mine keeps saying “Missing validation files.” And Steam Support takes me to the store.

Same with mine. I’ve given up until I see or find a fix. I have other games to play while I wait. I’m just very sad I can’t experience the game