[Steam] Game stops once I begin to move in spawned vehicle

So a the title says, every time i spawn a vehicle to get around in, the game will suddenly go black and shut down. I can go about the game normally on foot however, but upon leaving fyrestone and walking in the new area, the game did the same thing. even when im playing with someone else, if they try and spawn a vehicle, my game shuts off.
Ive updated my drivers and thanks to a suggestion on the steam forum, i will try the audio. other than that, im not sure why it keeps shutting down when i want to drive.

if i didnt have to use or…im guessing fight anyone using that (i figured thats why i crashed in dahl, some enemy must be about to greet me in one of those things) I would be fine and could continue. but i cant even start a new character because i need to jump the ravine too.

First thought is to validate the install through steam, or just delete local content and reinstall.

Thank you for the suggestion! Ironically that’s exactly what I did and I still cannot move in the ‘runner’ without it crashing.
I’ve in installed and reinstalled, verified, updated, and yelled lol.