Steam ID "Chubbs", Marquis shooting through wall and sniping sentry from support station

I’m literally through with your game until you fix this. CR94 and no longer interested even remotely in being a part of this.

PC players should expect hacks. There is a 100% chance that whatever game you want to play instead is going to have people doing the same stuff.

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I just think its funny it took you 94 CR to realize there are major problems with this game right now.

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Just bring OM. Napalm grenade flushes him out easy peasy. Plus it’s cathartic to actually try to kill it with fire.

Or bring a Toby. Arc mines do the trick, and the force field can help in a pinch. Or Whiskey with napalm mutations (though that’s higher level) Or Benedict to jump up and shoot down on him. Or Kleese to buff your sentry shields. Or other characters I’m probably forgetting.

Yeah, it’s a super cheesy thing for Marquis to do. And yeah, it kinda sucks that you need to bring at least 1 character specifically to counter it (even before knowing if the other team has a Marquis). But GBX has acknowledged that it’s a problem, and they’re working on a fix.

Until then, if you don’t like any of the characters that can counter the cheese, or if you just need to take some time off, so be it. You’re level 94 already, so you could probably do with a breather (how many hours do you have in the game? If you don’t mind me asking)

Everyone please do not discuss forum users. Only the game.

Whatever your frustration is. Voice it, but do so in a manner which isn’t directly insulting others. This thread is a few posts old and I’ve already received flags.