Steam Issue - Product activated but not in library

Title says it.

To iterate clear and concise points:

  • The product is activated.

  • If I attempt to activate it again, Steam will confirm that I have activated the product already, and that it is in my library.

  • Alongside the confirmation, it will say click “Next” to begin installation, but the only options available (other than the “Minimize” and “Close” icons in the top right) are “Back” and “Finish” with a very noticeable space between the latter and former.

  • The only evidence that my account has the license for this game is that the code is confirmed to be already-linked to my account.

  • The game is not in my library. I have checked four times.

Priority & quick support would be greatly appreciated.

Resolved by restarting the Steam client.
I would like to note that it’s only giving me the option to pre-load.
It is the 25th - Why am I not able to install the game?

Timezones, it’s 7:11pm 25 Feb over here in Australia, and steam says 7 hours till launch

It will unlock at 6PM GMT/UTC-0