Steam maintenance kicks everyone, please fix?

every time steam goes into its ‘routine maintenance’, it kicks everyone. i’m sure i’m with a large bulk of the player base when i say i want to see this addressed.

i understand needing to limit players ability to join a new game without a connection to steam, to prevent abuse/piracy/etc. but to remove players in the middle of a match or campaign mission? surely there’s a way to prevent that from happening to us.

Can’t really fix this… What need to be changed is the fact you can’t play the game at all without being connected to steam.

I had a funny match last night in which we all dropped 1 by 1 of the match.

Last night was weird we all got kicked one at a time and kept rejoining, we were able to finish the game as a team

Pretty sure it is the same time every week. If it bothers you that much, I suggest avoiding play during the maintenance window.

It’s a Steam issue and nothing GBX has any control over. As Misguided pointed out, not playing during the normal maintenance time is the only way to “fix” this issue.