Steam match making waiting times

Hi there, It appears alot of people complain online about the match making long waiting time but not having the courage to report it as they feel troublesome. I spend long hours and most part in this part. There is one level in the Melt down maps called …“ECHELON” no one want to play due to heavy lags and bugs. I have a good/decent PC strong enough to handle games so it isnt my PC. I hope someone could resolve this esp the servers as people are abandoning the game fast. Dont get me wrong i am not a person to complain I love this game and am very passionate about it. I have told and got my friends to buy this game but they are disappointed about the above.

I await your response

Warm Regards

Mr Kentmen

Echelon is not just full of bugs and lag it pretty much creates a bottleneck situation and favors heros with ground aoes and Alani. I can’t stand the map because it usually ends up fighting on stairs and it’s just not fun.

They also did a hotfix on Echelon with texture clean up and optimization.

It didn’t help much, if any. The frame rates on that map are terrible. I’m convinced it is a geometry issue and the game engine is rendering things that are blocked from view unnecessarily (because it changes based on the direction you are facing).

I’ve never had any problems with Echelon and consider my PC to be an average gamer’s machine. I believe I heard it’s a problem with AMD? Has anyone who had issues with that map tried it since the fix? It’s hard to tell since hardly anyone ever picks that map to play on.

Match making and server times is crazy. People are genially upset. I have guided them to the forums.

Zero problems getting matches in the U.S. Try changing your download region.

I changed this on steam and still waiting around. Please advice of i uabe done the correct… Which US as there are plenty. Im excoted as i have hope. Recently i was aggressive slightly as i waas frustrated with the match making and servers and was trying to voice other people as i promised but im so worked up and stressed right now. Im ill and its not worth it. Especially if they not lisening.

They had fixed it, but then broke it again just before this weekend. Now all wait times are “average” instead of “short”, and PVP matchmaking is back to 2s and 3s with an odd, unlucky 50-ish versus 80s.