Steam missing dlcs pls help

I recently bought the handsome collection on steam (it was for 3$). I have been told that this version includes all dlcs. However, I am missing headhunter 2 and 3 as well as the campaign of carnage and vault hunter pack.
Is anyone having the same issues? I can’t seem to find a solution. Thanks for the help in advance.

Oh and also I can’t play as any of the two dlc classes which according to what I read online I must be able to

Sounds like not everything has completed downloading, or got interrupted. What happens when you quit the game and do the file verification thing in Steam?

Also, moving to the PC tech support section.

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Hello, i recently bought a copy of Borderlands The Handsome Collection on Steam, copy that’s supposed to have all DLCs included, but after hours of playing, when I decided to do the DLC Commander Lilith and the fight for Sanctuary, i had a message saying that i cannot access the place because the content isn’t installed, when I go to install it, I see it’s actually 15€, so I went to check if that DLC must be bought separately :
Negative, I’m supposed to have it, how come it’s not the case ?

Thank you in advance for further explanation, have a good day/night.

Unfortunately, the Handsome Collection description was not updated when the 5th DLC released afterwards. The 5th DLC was free for a period of time, but then reverted to a paid extra. You can see the actual contents of the HC on Steam here:

So yes, you will need to purchase the 5th DLC if you want to play it as it is the one DLC not included with the collection.

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