Steam Moderation

I think GBX needs modos on steam.
I am all for freedom of speech, this is what kept me so long from reporting it.
But some people are actively (daily) campaigning with glee against the game.
Telling people not to buy the game or even refund instantly if they have bought it.
Surely that attitude could be considered pro consumer, it’s still hurting the sales the much needed player base, and the general tone leaves no doubt that the whole “protecting the consumer” is merely a byproduct of a more malicious / ill intent, focussed on actually hurting the game, it’s self serving that much is sure.

This person per example has been posting every day, sometimes reopening posts closed by moderators, under another title with a different spin on it, necroing week old posts that have a nasty / murderous headlines.
It’s usually a deal breaker on forums. But so far he has been impervious to all reporting.
He never has posted anything nuanced, constructive, or argumented, brough nothing paletable to the table, it consists mostly of rallying people for refunds, (handing them picket forks and torches) or disuading potential buyers from purchasing the game.
Here is his post history to further illustrate that point.
Whilst he is certainly the most relentless at tossing cyanide into the well, there are a handfull of other repeat offenders, that are making for a poor, not to say squallid environement for people to discuss the game, would it be it’s qualities, or flaws.
I’ve seen people disapointed by a game, I’ve been there, vented my frustration, but I did not mount a month long campaign against them. I never saw people stick around weeks on end trying to get a game to tank, with such unrelenting dedication.

He has gotten his point accross loud and clear. But I believe there only so many times we care to hear it.
It’s breaking the morale among badass and newbie battleborn alike.

Send a pm to @joekgbx

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There are, at least, 2 mods on the steam forum but it seems like they don’t care about all the toxic post and topics.

One of the gold banded mods there is already doing a good job.

That guy has been rampaging for weeks now.