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So… Ummm… I’m a Dirty PC MasterRace custom made kinda guy. My Rig is customised, and in this day and age with Steam and all, I laughed at the concept of having to get a Disk Drive anywhere on my computer. However, this is kinda making me cry right now, because I can’t pre-order Battleborn as all the options are physical editions…

Please help a lost and confused PC master-racer. (Vroom Vroom, racing so fast. Sorry, my brain is special.)

I’ve been checking steam every few days for Battleborn as well. I’m assuming the game will ship with a Steam key included with the disc, so why not skip the whole shipping part and get it on Steam?

It will probably show up a lot closer to release, like TPS did, don’t worry too much about it. Its comming.

I wouldnt expect it any sooner than November.

yeah its exactly 6 months away.

We know it is coming, we just think it would be a good idea to have it on there earlier for exposure and to show our support by pre-ordering.

In worst case: Go to your next computer hardware store and buy a Disk Drive. 10€ and you’re in.

I’m not saying wheather they should do it like this or not. I’m just saying that with TPS, published by the same company and developed in association with the same developer, opening steam pre-order much closer to the release date than we are currently, I don’t expect to see the pre-order for Battleborn to open up any time soon.

I could be wrong though.

You beat me to it!

Steam page for Battleborn


That mean Beta soon…ish.

My guess is after PAX Prime, which starts in 7 days and ends in 11. I think they will at least announce the Beta there. I mean: If they have playable stuff, they can do a Beta. Looks quite advanced so far. And updates during Beta should be a breeze with the patch system that they want to use.

I’ll be at PAX Prime, standing in line to play Battleborn :smile: I’ll see if I can charm some information out of them. I’ll let them touch my massive beard in exchange for information.

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I’ll shave my head…wait, already did that. :blembarrass:

If they won’t give us something to discuss, we either have to create that stuff ourselves (that’s what I do) or go and ask personally (your mission).
About that: Game developers/ publisher/ whatnot say “It’s still 5+ months til release, we can’t tell you anything yet” [modified Jythri quote], but then they talk big at conventions, offer test play, and announce a release date like they’re only polishing now.
Is the game almost finished or did they just start? Decide pls :confused:

Actually, there was a good article on Polygon discussing this strange sort of secrecy in the game industry: Polygon - No, the gaming industry isn’t too secretive

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That article really IS good.
Although I think, that they could give out small splinters of info and note something like “We’re currently experimenting with X”.
I myself have no problem with managing my expectations (Might ask “why didn’t you ship X” though. Still wouldn’t demand). But I have seen the “you promised!” cries myself before, so I guess it makes sense.

This isn’t something that concerns me at all. And not because I still put an optical drive in my computer builds, but because retail outlets of all kinds have been selling digital copies of games for long enough that you can pretty much expect it to happen, certainly for any AAA title.

Speaking of retail outlets - you aren’t doing yourself a favor by thinking only in terms of Steam. There are other online places to get digital downloads from, and you can often get them cheaper than what Steam sells them for. Check out Green Man Gaming, for example. is also a great source for games at discount prices. Bottom line, shop around, you might save some cash. :smile: does not sell Steam-powered games, and I prefer the convenience of Steam over GmG, even for a couple more dollars. Also, you don’t have to manually search for best deal, thanks to

Steam-powered games? What are you talking about?

GOG sells DRM-free games. So if the game requires Steam as a DRM manager, then you won’t find it on GOG, obviously. But, news flash, Steam isn’t synonymous with “PC gaming”, it’s just another service. Which is the whole point of my post, to say “Hey, folks, Steam isn’t the only player out there”. Apparently many people think that way because we get posts in the Gearbox forums on a regular basis talking about Steam sales. You don’t have to wait for Steam for discounts, you don’t have to buy from Steam because a publisher like 2K uses the service as a DRM manager. If you buy from Green Man Gaming or Gamestop, to name a couple of examples, you’ll get a Steam code.

And, yeah, “best prices” sites can be more or less useful - but they also tend to be flawed in their searches. It’s a very good idea to spot-check, to see if the price is really the lowest by looking for yourself. So, you don’t HAVE to search “manually” (as though that were some kind of huge chore), but it’s a good idea.