Steam Pre-Order

Holy… Can we not? Please? Like, it’s just a more common term dude. This is not the place to start fights about Steam over GoG or GmG or anything else. You are completely derailing the topic in an effort to start something that will, just like a console war, descend into a pointless argument that can never really have an end to it.

I seriously do not appreciate someone talking a discussion I started and turn it into a place for an argument. Especially when it is something as simple as the fact I stated Steam Pre-Order, over saying GoG Pre-Order. Steam is the platform I use the most, hence why I said Steam. I use others, but Steam is not only my most used one, but the most known platform.

You make an assumption that I know nothing about these services and/or don’t use them. I just stated a fact, that games that have built in Steam support are called “steam-powered”, such as the Borderlands games. And then I stated my personal preferences. No intention to start a fight or an argument. This is my last reply to you on this. We are in a thread where people want to pre-order the game on Steam. That is our choice for whatever reason.

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“Steam-powered” is nothing but a marketing phrase. I actually assumed you meant something specific, like there was some benefit you were thinking of. I wanted you to say what the benefit(s) you were thinking of more clearly.

As I have said, my point is that there are choices. I have no problems with people supporting Steam, with buying their games from Steam. But there are a number of people - particularly console gamers looking to get into PC games - that think there are 3 choices: Xbox, Playstation, and Steam. PC gaming is far more than just “Steam”. I’m not trying to say anything bad about the service at all. (I could have, but that would shift focus away from my intent.)

marketing phrase huh?


I’m not trying to start a fight, and anyone that read my first post in this thread thoroughly would know that.

I did read it thoroughly. It was extremely aggressive and condescending. If that was not your intention, perhaps you need to change the way you approach your responses to avoid issues like this happening.

Ancient Bill and Ted proverb - Be excellent to each other.

Seriously .

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their adventure was excellent.