Steam Retail Key?

Hey guys, does anyone know if the PC retail version will come with a Steam key to redeem? Would love to preorder a physical copy of the game if possible.

Confirming this for you, @chrisdamiano1. Standby! :slightly_smiling:


I’d like to know too because I have a monthly bandwidth limit and it’s $15 USD for each gig I go over it.

Thanks for helping dude! :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for your patience, guys! Physical editions of Battleborn will include a disc AND Steam key for validation.


Wow. My cap is 550GB, which is RIDICULOUSLY ■■■■■■■ low for Gbps, but still its $10 for every 50 gb you go over.

Awesome! So I can install the game with the disk and then play it through Steam… thats sweet! Thanks alot @JoeKGBX!

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That’s how most games these days are, what with the size of games these days.

I live out in the country, so I’m limited to cellular (Verizon) or satellite, which I absolutely will not get as long as I have another option.

if its available in your area Exede is the best. its 12/3, or 25 if you want to pay for that. which is excellent for satellite. unmetered internet between 3-8 am.


Wait, you’re serious right? Sorry, but I’m usually asleep during that time. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, satellite isn’t the best for online gaming. We’ll stick with Verizon until somebody else can offer us a better deal.

Limited internet bandwidth? I’m actually surprised.

why is that?

it’s probably because he’s never been out in the country where DSL, Cable, FIOS, et. al., is not available. I had unlimited Internet when I lived in a city, but out here our connection options are more limited. We have a cable provider, but they stop at the house north of us and won’t come down here (then again, they live on 4+ acres). We tried microwave, but there’s a hill between us and the dish, so there’s no line of sight. We’ll be dropping Verizon as soon as something cheaper comes along. Until then we’ve learn how to curtail our bandwidth usage and keep a close eye on how much we’ve used.

Well, hold on! I’m pre-ordering Battleborn in the next few days.

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I didn’t realize you could use a microwave for internet. I mean I heard about the wifi crockpot, but a microwave? Crazy.

Microwave signals, not an actual microwave. :stuck_out_tongue: