Steam Store is Down!

Today is the start of the “Holiday Sale”. and when I went to go look at it. I saw this:


It’s either: They took the website down for maintenance or could it be those cyberterrorists DDoSing the servers again? :neutral_face:

Who knows…

Apparently is down for everyone! :anguished:

How am I supposed to look at the Christmas deals? :confused:

The Winter Sale just started so they are getting crazy traffic

Just like Stampeding mad shoppers at Walmart on Black Friday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much, but safer when done digital

Steam is wearing pants at this moment. More news soon…

FREE CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARDS everyone is browsing their recommended games for more load on steam lol

I guess that’s the same reason my purchase won’t process

bought Audiosurf here, no processing problems