Steam streaming issue: more details to help solve it

Okay so I like to have the steam broadcasting on, I have it set to allow anyone to view what I’m playing without asking. I got nothing to hide, I know I’m not great, it is just something else to add to the fun.

Thing is in HW:RM all they see is a green screen, they can hear the game, but no video. Now at first I thought this might be a problem with steam broadcasting, further testing seems to indicate it isn’t.

So here are the details, if I go into HW:RM 1C or HW:RM 2C the steam broadcasting works, my game is viewable by everyone. Unfortunately I have no reason to replay a broken classic.

If I fire up HW:RM1 or 2 single player broadcasting gives the green screen again, soooo it seems to me something in the HW:RM engine is preventing the steam broadcasting from working. Is there any possibility of this getting any attention?

I know we can use twitch or some other broadcast means but for me Steam would really be the best option, so is there any chance of a review at some point in the future?

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I vote in favor of solving this.

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There are some things happening regarding graphics and such that may provide me with a chance to resolve this. We use our post-proc buffers in unusual (but legal to the API!) ways that many tools fail to understand when they’re trying to hijack our buffers for overlays or broadcasting, etc. I can’t make any promises, but I am going to put some effort towards this. When will you see the results? Hopefully not too far from now.


Thanks a bunch!