Steam summer sale - Chance for Battleborn to be reborn?

Hi guys!

As some of you may know, Steam summer sale is just around the corner and I believe it could be just the thing Battleborn needs right now.

First some info about me. I’ve had the opportunity to try out Battleborn during beta and I really enjoyed playing it. I think it’s a great game with enormous potential. I’ve also had the chance to play Overwatch as well during beta and enjoyed playing it as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased any of the games after their release due to cash influx problems :slight_smile:

I’ve been lurking on the Battleborn forums for the last few days, both here and on Steam and came to a conclusion that the majority of people that tried Battleborn found it enjoyable and that Gearbox really did a great job here. However, most players are plagued with bad matchmaking which becomes the main reason for anger towards Battleborn and its developers.

I understand that waiting for a match to start for a long time is something nobody likes and that it can be really frustrating, possibly even to the point of people giving up on the game. I personally don’t think that developers did a poor job with matchmaking, I believe that they are trying to make the best out of a bad situation - extremely low player population.

That is why I think Steam summer sale could be a new beginning for Battleborn, as it is a chance to get new players to try the game out, which would lead to bigger player population and in turn better matchmaking and lower queue times (sound great right?).

This is what I would propose to Gearbox for the Steam summer sale (I will explain my reasoning for each point later on):

  1. Free weekend (or better yet a whole week) for people to try the game out.
  2. Discount for base game and Digital Deluxe
  3. Rewarding players that bought game before (base or Digital deluxe) with a free copy/copies of the game and Platinum
  4. 4 game bundle

Now to explain in more detail:

  1. Free weekend is more or less self explanatory. Give a chance for people to try the game before they buy. More people during weekend means more players and better matchmaking, which is what most players desire anyway. I see this as a win-win situation for everybody.

  2. Discount for games is also self explanatory. I think the base game should be offered at 10-15€ and digital deluxe at 25-30€. These prices should be acceptable for most players that weren’t sure if they want to buy it or not before. I think that the game is worth more but for the sake of increasing player population, a drastic discount should be offered. Since the game implemented Platinum and microtransactions, it leaves the developers the opportunity to make more money off the game once they get people to start playing it in greater numbers.

  3. Rewarding players that bought the game before should be a must. People that pre-ordered or paid the full price for the game and that continue to play and enjoy the game should not feel cheated for doing so in any way. The 3 week discount was already a big enough slap in the face of loyal fans as it is, and I believe it is time to reward the loyal player base in some way.

What I suggest here is this. Players that bought the base game should get 1 copy of the game for free and 10€ worth of in-game currency Platinum. Players that bought Digital Deluxe version of the game should get 2 copies of the game for free and 20€ worth of Platinum.

Why the free games you ask? I believe that a lot of you have people you know or friends that you would like to play the game with, but couldn’t get them to buy the game (or they bought Overwatch instead). This way you can get your friends to play the game with you (again, increasing the player population) and you can also buy some nice skins or taunts for yourself while you’re at it. I believe that most of you wouldn’t feel cheated this way and you will get to experience the game you already love with your friends. Again, it’s a win-win situation in my opinion. The gifted copies would be the base versions of the game.

  1. Game bundle - Buy a Digital Deluxe game for yourself and get 3 copies of the base game to give to your friends, all for 40€ - limited Steam summer sale offer. Again, an attempt to increase player population and to get a chance for people to play together. This bundle (and all new copies of the game) would not get the free Platinum mentioned in point 3 above, as that is intended to be a reward for loyal fans.

Additional idea (which cost money and time for developers to make, so it is not really likely to happen, but would be nice nonetheless) is to reward loyal players (players that bought the game in the first 30 days of release for example) with unique “Founders skins” that can only be acquired if you purchased the game early on.

Why is Steam summer sale the perfect time to do this? Simple! I consider the bad Battleborn sales are mostly to blame on Overwatch which was released 3 weeks after Battleborn. While the games are not the same, they are similar enough for people to think they have to make a choice - either they buy Battleborn or they buy Overwatch, as they are getting a similar game. Obviously and understandably most players went with Overwatch. It is a new Blizzard franchise in ages and people got really hyped about it. Blizzard already has a huge fanbase that devours anything Blizz-like. Blizzard was simply the stronger player here, marketing wise. If Battleborn was released 6 months before Overwatch, I truly believe that the game would thrive.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that people are getting bored with playing Overwatch fast. No character progression is mostly to blame, as you get to play what was in the box when you bought it. It has no depth and no rewards for playing the game for longer periods of time. That is why now is the right time for Battleborn to strike. Lower the price of the game, give away free copies and get people that are tired of Overwatch to try something new. Blizzard will surely address the issues of Overwatch with next patches or expansions, adding more maps, game modes, characters and what not. They will find a way to keep their players playing the game. Gearbox should not give them a chance to do so and should attempt to steal as many players as it can form Overwatch, as well as get some new ones too.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. If you have something to add, please do so, but try to keep flaming and bickering to the minimum. Let’s be creative and share your opinions and ideas on what could help Battleborn thrive.


I love the idea, although I’m a PS4 player so Steam isn’t a big deal for me.

As an owner of both Battleborn and Overwatch, I can say they are very, very different games. Battleborn is deep and tactical, Overwatch is simple and accessible.

I almost think they don’t really compete. The market doesn’t see it that way, of course, and the two are being billed as more or less direct competitors, but they are really targeting different markets.

I like both games but much prefer Battleborn. I would also agree some sales and early-adopter rewards are a great idea.

I really wish Gearbox had marketed Battleborn more aggressively. I think BB would be doing a lot better if it had a major marketing push behind it. Overwatch has short films that look like Pixar made them. Stuff like that. I know it’s expensive, but it matters.

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Good post.
I’m a DDE preorder guy and still wouldn’t mind a pricedrop combined with rewards for early buyer.
Maybe sone skins/taunts that wont be buyable or earnable… just like league of legends did for closed beta players like me (we got the King Rammus skin… looks like Bowser from Super Mario).

I think a free weekend/week would be awesome on console too. Both upping player numbers and its something consoles are lacking for no good reason (yes i know its complicated legally but PC gets around it and the sales generated are more than worth it).

I’m looking forward to seeing more in-game.

I know there’s some sort of upcoming event. Can only guess that the announcement (tomorrow’s Battleplan) being around the Steam sale is no coinkydink.

  1. Completely agree! I’ve been barking up that tree for a while with the free week. They’ve missed their chance to benefit from such a thing and the pc player base reflects that, though the steam summer sale is an excellent opportunity to bring in new players.
  2. See number 1 as it fits here 100%
  3. Free copies of the game is an interesting one but one I am 100% positive 2K isn’t going to go for it. Although free copies of the Borderland’s series (BL1, BL2, and TPS) would be a noble gesture given the current situation and let’s face it, they’re going to be deeply discounted anyways. If you already own it, you can just gift them away to a friend (providing they buy Battleborn!)
  4. Summer sale is the perfect place for this. Though I feel #1 and #2 are the right way to go.

I think they dropped the ball on this. This week should have been free to play leading into the summer sale. People would have entered the sale seeing the game at a discount, saw it was free to play for the week, tried it out, saw it was active (from those who started the free week early), and probably purchase the game because of the discount.
They also dropped the ball by not getting more content out before the summer sale. Unless they surprise us all with ONE HELL OF a battle plan tomorrow introducing a new game mode and some new maps. I have personally swayed a few of my friends away from buying this game because I feel it is content light right now and the player base on pc is suffering as well. Yes, I know. Telling people not to buy the game because of the low player base only contributes to the low player base, but I need to find the balance between what I want (more players) and what is right (telling them to wait until this game is worth their money).


Great idea about gifting Borderlands series to loyal BB players. Haven’t thought about that, but it surely sounds more likely than just giving free BB copies. Although it wouldn’t contribute much to increasing player base, it would still be a nice gesture.

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I really hope they release a big update before the summer sale too so this way new players can enjoy and get right into the new content. I really hope it brings up the player base. This game is a lot of fun and even more fun playing with others, I can understand new people’s frustration first jumping on multiplayer and getting stomped and then not liking the game but GIVE IT A CHANCE. You can practice your characters in story mode, practice the multiplayer with Bots. The game gives you the tools to learn. I met many people that were low levels out playing Lv 100 players. It’s all about skill and how fast you understan the objective even though it’s not hard. Find players on forums to play with and this will totally enhance your experience.

The biggest problem is that you’re fighting against a ton of other discounted games, some which received great marking and are well known and loved.

If you want to compete against that you’d better pull out all stops.


It just so happens that Gearbox confirmed in their latest Battleplan that they are going to do another Event this week and it just so happens that the Steam Summer Sale is tipped to start tommorow.

I guess we will see what this event will be. Also Thursday is hotfix day wink wink


I was thinking the same thing with the BP coming out on the same day the sale starts. What they do here will really speak for the direction this game will head. They’ve known the sale is one this date for a while now so if there was ever a chance to swing this game in the right direction, this week is the THE week to do it.
Though, I wish there were some way to message all current owners of the game to make sure their friends who own it log in! I have 2 or 3 that don’t play because of the current situation, if 2K/GB attempt to pull off something amazing this week I have no doubt I could convince them to log on during an event.

Welcome and lurk no more!

I sure hope they do something. Matchmaking times aren’t too awful right now, because they eased up on matchmaking, but matches aren’t balanced like they were, which can be frustrating.

I think gifting enough platinum to early adopters to buy the skin or taunt of their choice would be a vey nice gesture (and this should have happened when the marketplace went in–what a great way to get players who hadn’t logged in recently to come check the new stuff out).

The game needs a deep, deep discount (permanently, preferably), and it should coincide with a new mode release to bring people that have already purchased back in. They will make more money long term by bringing in players and getting the user base more healthy.

Yea, that would be great to message people who own the game but I’m sure there will be blogs about it too. My RL friends also stopped playing in the beginning due to OP Gal & matchmaking issues. I told them that it’s fixed but one of them says that they still see people talk about issues all over the forums.

As soon as people start talking about more positive things I’m sure we will see an influx in players as well. Some people are quite stubborn like my friend. I have been seeing more positive good threads lately so that’s good too.

Unfortunately, human nature tells us that as long as there is a forum, there will be people complaining about things, many of which…don’t resonate with the experience of other players, shall we say.

I still see people going on about how ridiculously unbalanced the characters are, but I couldn’t disagree more. With the Alani changes, the roster is extremely well balanced, with a couple of outliers on the bottom, depending on who you ask.

The problem is (and one of the things that makes Battleborn what it is) is that every character in the right hands can do some serious rampaging, especially with a bit of teamwork. When they get roflstomped, too many people start banging the nerf drum instead of learning more about the character and asking themselves what they could have done differently.


That’s exactly what I told my friend too. Guess it’s just stuborness lol

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After all the negative feelings this game brought to many of us, despite of loving it (bad matchmaking, ultra long queue times, pc patches delayed by consoles, microtransactions etc) I’m up for all you said. Everything that helps me play this game some little bit more will be good. Well, not everything, I’m against a Free to Play model, but game bundles, discounts, free weekends etc sound perfect!

They have the shift system which can easily be used to reward old players / original buyers, they can throw us some skins, loot, gear packs or whatever easily!