Steam thread idea

Just seen this on Steam Forums. An idea as to how we could increase playercount for Battleborn.

I would welcome @JoeKGBX to comment as to whether or not this is something Gearbox would consider. I think it’s a very well thought out plan personally.

I’m think gearbox/2k fleeing from a sinking ship, and trying take more from who already have game… at least so it seems

Weekly hotfixes, season pass content coming up, more maps and game modes to come, active devs on the forums… Yep, that totally seems like Gearbox is fleeing from a sinking ship.

Edit: on topic, this doesn’t really seem lik a bad idea but… Do starter editions sell well at all?

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The CoD:BO3 Starter pack did sell well yes. They actually did it as an experiment so it was for a limited time and they then did it again during a multiplayer double xp weekend too because it was successful.

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steamsale started today - £19.99 - should see increase in numbers over next 2 weeks.