Steam top 100 games

Hasn’t included BL3 for months. The final product of the gbx dev process has no lasting appeal. So far, at least. But i’m afraid they’re probably done. Too bad.

I keep hoping. :slight_smile:

Not every game can be a classic. But yeah, BL3’s endgame stuff is a bit too easy and/or could use some variety.

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As of 10:54PM EDT, Oct 6, 2021:

Name Current Players 30-Day Avg. 30-Day Gain 30-Day % Gain
Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 3,762 4,399.5 -143.1 -3.15%
Borderlands 2 Borderlands 2 3,666 3,161.4 +120.9 +3.98%
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 447 442.6 +7.3 +1.67%
Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Borderlands GOTY Enhanced 384 378.0 -0.6 -0.16%
Borderlands 2 RU Borderlands 2 RU 222 133.8 -1.0 -0.73%
Borderlands GOTY Borderlands GOTY 84 97.0 +0.0 +0.03%
Tales from the Borderlands Tales from the Borderlands 8 15.9 -0.3 -1.56%
Borderlands 2 VR Borderlands 2 VR 5 8.8 -0.1 -1.40%


So BL3 is marginally higher than BL2, but from the direction of travel BL2 may soon outdo 3.

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if you aggregate bl2 from al sources it is not even lower than bl3. but bl3 has many players on epic

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It would make sense for BL3 to be high on Epic. Anyone who wanted to buy it in the first 6 months would have had to go there.

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I assume, majority of BL3 player base (the dedicated one, that bought the game at release) is playing trough Epic. I don’t believe as many people bought the game again on Steam for steam charts to be useful source.

Edit: I also don’t think anything close to majority waited for Steam release.

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Maybe half maybe more or even less :wink:

And iirc there’s no numbers for EGS

So yeah everything is already said. Steam numbers are because of EGS exclusive (some waited for steam and some bought both) steam isn’t a reliable source for this game

I suppose the only other thing to add is that GBX decided the game was successful enough that they did a second season pass and still have at least one more content drop to bring us over 2 years later (vault card 3). I don’t follow AAA games that much, but the level of support they gave this game isn’t something I’ve seen much elsewhere.

Damn, almost wanna make a thread called “Shows Over” and just get everyones final comments XD

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I do but not going down that road of comparing everything :wink:

BL3 isn’t a bad game, it just could be much better with some (probably) simple additions.

I got my money’s worth but on the other hand kind of disappointed with the game.

But that’s me, there’s also people who absolutely love the game.

In the end i do not regret playing the game but on the other hand would not have bought it with the power of hindsight :joy:


Borderlands 3 Live Player Count - How Many People Are Playing Now? (

I found this poking around Google. The numbers change every time you click update, so I am not bothering to post any actual counts here. Suffice to say it was hovering around 200K when last I checked, give or take 5K.

Not sure how accurate this website is, what their algorithms are or the validity and/or completeness of their data sources, so take it with a grain of salt. I presume it includes a means to track and total Epic, Steam and any platform specific concurrent users. The website did not have other Borderlands games in their list of trackers so there is no means for comparisons, FYI.