Steam Tuesday, meet Aria

OK, this doesn’t frustrate me any less than it did back at the start of BB.

Once again, didn’t notice what time it was on Steam Tuesday.

One of the forum members and I had a perfect run, 100 OPs, Aria was dead, we were on our way to collect.

(Insert Title Screen nightmare here)

Lack of a local sav and the two live connections needed are not helping BB.
(Yes we know why there’s no local sav this time, but come on…)


Ha I literally just had the exact same thing happen seconds ago. Kick in the baaaalllls having 10-20min of playtime and a commander pack flushed like that.

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I had that happen once, in a solo game… a few more hits on Rendain, and I would have cleared Heliophage on Advanced.

…with Marquis.

It wasn’t even the Steam update client: Internet and Steam were still up.

I guess, BB just decided it’d be a good time to have a minor hiccup.

Hint: it wasn’t… T~T

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I had it happen various times.

In the middle of PvE SOLO, losing connection and with that the progress I made. Local saves really need to become a thing tbh.


Can anyone enlighten me? What’s “Steam Tuesday”?

The entire Steam system goes offline, sometimes for 38 minutes.
During this BB can’t get past the splash screen.
If you happen to be in a match or game, gone, lost forever.

Steam Tuesdays aren’t exclusive on Tuesdays.

Sometimes Steam just breaks for no reason.

Also, Gearbox’s servers are like Steam too. When they crash, you lose your game like it never even existed.

Because muck (replace the m with an f) you.

So PC players have so many ways to have your progress not save, in which you will find yourself very often in the washroom flushing your progress down the toilet. Let this happen too many times and you won’t even want to play anymore.

There is a good reason why people hate U-Play and Battleborn just had to adopt something like it…

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…Yup, several of the mods here and a known group of people from this forum and I got kicked in a match.
It wasn’t Tuesday.

OMG!!! Just lost connection in an Attikus game, Thursday 03 November, 10:23 AM EST

I just got hit with it playing on Steam. We were playing Thrall Rebellion with me on Ambra (alongside a Mike and Montana), barely made the T2 cutoff, and almost wiped to boot, but cleared it. Right when the game tallies up the score, I got hit with “Battleborn failed to authenticate with the server” or however that goes. And my run with Ambra went with it.

In the words of the aforementioned Jennerit priestess, “I’m… quite… MIFFED!”


Today’s the worst I’ve seen for this. I’ve probably lost 1.5hrs of play due to Steam d/cs. Would love if they’d fix this.



Yup, I shut down last night after we lost connection.
We waited till 8pm ESt, which should have put us outside the Steam Tuesday snafu.
Excellent team on the Attikus dlc, lost forever.