Steam Update for BL2 Queued 01 June 2020

Yeah, the title as of the date shown, waiting for me on my Steam (PC):

Considering what the last update to BL2 did --As in:

“Accept this new EULA or you can’t play at all and whilst we got you, here’s some nice adware along with technical problems that you’d never seen before in 5+ years of playing.”

–You’ll forgive me if I don’t just hit “update” as quickly as I once might have, and I can’t find patch notes for this anywhere.

Does anyone know what this is?


(The sad, simple truth is, I just can’t trust these people anymore. Nice legacy, there (I’m sorry, but BL3 is just a profoundly disillusioning disappointment. The admittedly brilliant combat, gunplay, Hammerlock DLC, and pleasant-surprisingly Deus Ex Human Revolution-like music can only carry it so far, but that’s a whole 'nother rant.)).

Thanks in advance, Internets.


People have been having issues registering with SHIFT in game and connecting for multiplayer ever since the previous update that appeared to be a setup for Epic-Steam cross-launcher play. So I’m hoping this is bug fixes. I haven’t seen any patch notes posted though.

Edit in: I see the previous patches have very brief notes on Steam; hopefully something will be added to clarify what this patch is for.


I think they’re raising the level cap one more time to 83, just to drive everyone crazy.

Well, probably not, but I’d think it was pretty humorous if they did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That would be so beyond broken…

Level 80’s already broken enough, lol:
Dual capstone Explo-Axton with enough left over to max out the turret’s cooldown reduction in the right-hand tree, so the CD’s down to like…around 30 seconds, IIRC?
“Non-trivial” difference, anyway (It really gives Axton that last little bit he always needed. IMHO).
'Course Sal is Sal, and Bloodsplosion/RTB Krieg is even more hilariously broken than before.


“More meat for me!” (Krieg)