Steam will not launch BL2 in Offline Mode, says Servers Busy?

This is a recent development. After hitting “Play” in steam console the launcher steam

:unamused: Seriously???


In the past verifying the integrity of my game files and allowing steam to download any that were needed resolved the issue but that was not the case this time. I can only play in online mode. I haven’t modded my game beyond playing with the patch for a few weeks, which gave me no issues. I initially started with the offline patch and recently switched to the online patch last week.

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I caught the same thing… Try to launch Borderlands2.exe from game directory, not from steam itself

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I will give that a shot. Thanks for the head’s up.

You can also try to start your game with the non hex edited version of the executable.

I was able to launch offline by launching directly from the .exe

All Hex Editing was removed from the file at some point, likely when verifying game files via Steam during my trouble shooting. How do I know? I opened console and only had the say function. I verified the restoration of the .exe to pre hex editing by searching the string used to enable full console & thus the UCP.

Very curious development.

Something similar has happened to me over the last couple days or so. I don’t have a problem starting the game, but there’s been a longer than usual pause at the “Preparing to launch Borderlands 2…” screen. Same thing happens with TPS, but all my other games (including BL1) start promptly, as usual.

This kinda reminds me of the weird thing that happened several months ago where everyone “lost” I think it was the Hammerlock DLC… something goofy on Steam’s end. I’m thinking this is another case perhaps?

(Edit: for what it’s worth I’ve never messed with any Unofficial Community Patch or variation thereof.)

(Edit: I’m also launching in offline mode in Steam.)

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Sometimes anti-virus software will cause that error message - have a go at launching it with that paused. It probably isn’t anything to do with the patch which isn’t applied till you’re already in game each time (at least, I’ve had it before the patch was around).

Verifying the integrity of cache has stopped it too for me, but it will erase the changes you make with hex editor (it basically restores your .exe to its original state).

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I’ve had that too. I recently updated my graphics drivers, and now nVidia Experience does the little “press alt-Z to record” message as a game loads, so I assumed that might be the cause. The launch delay is noticeable but not bothersome so I haven’t really thought much about it to be honest.

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It started while I had my antivirus off, but little did I know that Windows Defender automatically turned on when the Antivirus was off. Regardless this quirk didn’t impact playing BL2 in online mode on steam, nor launching the exe sans steam altogether. What is “broken” the steam launcher itself, which is using the shortcut with the game/ app ID code that references BL2.

Creating a new shortcut to the true exe and not the shortcut to the appID in the steam launcher has resolved my issues. I’ll only use steam with BL2 if I plan to play online going forward, which will save me restarting steam on offline mode after launching it in the first place.

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As a follow-up I tried launching BL2 from the exe with Steam closed & it gave me a prompt stating that steam must be opened. The steam launcher shortcut in the app & created by the initial steam install itself is still hosed, but opening steam in offline was all that was needed and I was good to go.