Steam won't refund battleborn

I’ll be brief: After having experiencing massive framerate and balance issues, I want a refund for this game. I contacted steam support, but they claim they can’t refund because I played more than 2 hours. 10 hours to be more specific, during which I won none of my matches, partially because of a crappy framerate on a rig that can play Witcher 3 in highest quality, partially because of getting spawncamped and killed within seconds by certain heroes I can’t even play because I didn’t unlock them.

So yeah, Steam won’t let me ragequit. Is there any way Gearbox can help me with a refund?

Yeah, I was hoping for the same thing after reading a bit about the problem being experienced by many other people. I do have over 2 hours played. On the bright side, I got the FPS up to 42 when there is nothing happening, but it still drops to 20-ish with action on the screen.

No, not that I’m aware of.

Any news on this?

I asked for a refund on just the Season Pass, hoping they would give me that much since it hasn’t even been released yet. Steam refused =[