"Stellar Cast" Bugged?

It seems you don’t have to heal/damage 4 other battleborn in order to get credit for this Lore. Anybody else notice this?

I’m not complaining, got it done without the hassle of gathering my team into a tight bubble or doing it in PvP where I would want to rip my hair out. So yay for bugs.

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Someone said if you had healing drones attached to players it increased the count for people being healed by the ult, but I don’t know whether that’s correct or not.

KU himself does count though. I farmed the lore in a 4 man PvE.

I could be mistaken, but I think healing minions might also count, as there were times my counter went up in incursion pre helix 10 without 4 bb in the bubble, even though the tooltip states 4 bb. Or it could be that the push back to enemies also counted as I suppose that counts as bb affected…?

Beata me, but I’m happy to have it done.

I don’t know about that but with the level 10 healing choice will allow you to get it with only one other person. If they enter and leave the AoE and are healed multiple times it will count towards completion. I’ve gotten progress with only one other person and no friendly NPCs on the map.

Yeah, it seems it needs the healing upgrade at level 10. If only there was a work-around/bug for the 3 targets hit with bola’s lore, I haven’t been in the mood for PvP lately. All my PvP buddies have gone MIA so it’s a scary place for me.