Stellar cast Lore challenge

Anyone having trouble with this on PVP? I have done it a few times with about 2-3 friendlies and 1-2 enemies in the bubbles range but it never seems to register. im thinking it’s the damage aspect of it.

I was thinking maybe I can get a group of 5 on a pve lvl and just have everyone be Kid ultra and get to lvl 5 and just help each other out with this?

Many, including myself, have resorted to just maybe doing a story mission and choosing the left lvl 10 helix for healing over time. I don’t know how it works exactly but I only had a 3 man group on saboteur and I was able to compete the lore challenge. I just circled around both my ambra and caldy at the thrall foreman grall boss fight. You can probably do this too and I think they need to at least have sustained some dmg, I was able to complete 2-3 at a time(Per skill use) and completed all 10 in that one mission. Make sure the whole team is within the spherical radius just to make sure

Thanks for the advise. didn’t know that CPU enemies counted towards this.

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I managed to get it done with only one other player making use of his left Level 10 healing helix option (as opposed to damaging enemies one you select on the right).

As long as the second person is low health (used Montana) and the circle moves back and forth in and out of the target character, it seems to count if you do this four times within the span of the ult. Did all 10 in one PVE Renegade mission.

ohh thanks for the advice I’ll be sure to try this out.